At the same time, Russia’s parliament is debating new laws on blasphemy and insults targeting religious, spiritual, or national values.

Christian Today picked up the story, publishing this on its website:

Apple logo may become illegal in Russia, called to be replaced by a cross

Adam Eve Apple logo

Seems like link bait to me.

Did the trick.

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Adam and Eve image via WSJ.


I always thought the apple logo was about Newton, and the bite was to help distinguish it from a tomato. Shall they also be banning any logos involving Snakes?

Is this for real? I think some people need thicker skins. How long has the Apple logo been out there, or the Beatles apple logo (symbol) for that matter?

If it is true, then I think they need to have a good look in the mirror to work out what is important in life. Being offended by a drawing of some fruit should be very very low down the order of things to get mad about.

“Please, remove that bitten apple that insults our faith and replace it with an image of the tool that was used to kill our saviour.”

Maybe certain religious cultures need a graphic designer in to define their iconography and deliver a consistant brand message because it’s all a bit confusing.

You’re right David, link bait. I thought the same thing.

I’m guessing if these laws get passed then they’ll also be banning the sale of Apples throughout Russia?
It’s only fair.

I’m a Christian myself, but I don’t see the point in caring about something like that.

First, the bible says nothing about an apple, only that it was appealing fruit.
Second, the fruit is of no importance, it was about the choice they made.
Third, as if a cross is that good of a symbol. It only shows the death of Christ, not His ressurection.

What do we focus on? The negative or the positive.

Interesting, even if a hoax.
Anyway, in Transylvania Lutherans put on their graves an image of the tree of knowledge, of good and evil, which of course also represents the original sin, just like the Apple logo [in this Russian Orthodox interpretation].

I agree Chris. I think some people take symbolism too far and end up being offended by everything. I think Jesus ate apples :)

I’m with Chris as well. There is no mention of an apple anywhere in that passage.

And unless I missed something, nowhere in the Bible is the cross mentioned as being a special symbol either. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have cross symbols, but there is no specific reason to either. ;-)

Yeah this is the kind of thing that gives us a bad name.

And to your point JP. Not only does the bible not pick out the cross as a special symbol, there’s substantial evidence to support the claim that it was actually just a simple, vertical stake that was used. Talk about confused branding eh?

I think this is outlandish that they want to ban the logo and I’m a Christian. I read Steve Job’s biography book and I really don’t recall it being at all about offending the Christian faith. It’s just an apple. We live in a world where everything is taken out of context way too much.

Of course they are offended. At the moment they state that they are christians they are allowed to be offended is in their rights to believe in any fantasy they like.
But from being offended to ask a company to change a logo is a long way.
C’mon people is not even the same market… One of them sells a bitten apple glued on gadgets and stuff and the other one sells Jesus nailed to a cross… who can compete that?

Has anyone even read the story of Adam and Eve?? NOWHERE does it specifically state that Eve ate an APPLE… it only says it is fruit.

Also, no one that has commented about the cross seems to know what they are talking about. Yes, Jesus was nailed to and hung from a cross and then died. The symbol of the cross represents more than his death… it represents WHY he died in the first place. I suggest you read the story yourself, study the bible for 40+ years and then post a comment on what the cross represents. The symbol of the cross is a positive thing and not a negative thing. The symbol of the “apple” is not really a symbol at all since there was no apple ever mentioned in the story of the fall.

As far as banning the Apple logo… that is absurd. Replacing it with a cross is equally absurd.

This is rather late but: LOL! I’m also a Christian and I agree with Chris. I read somewhere however that the bite is actually to differentiate it from an orange (or the likes) and a play on the word BYTE as a computer term. Nothing to it. or maybe we should just all stop eating apples all together.

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