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An illuminated version of the logo lights up the skyline of Leverkusen, where Bayer is headquartered. Installed in 1958, this is the largest illuminated advertisement in the world (according to Wikipedia).

Bayer cross Leverkusen

It hangs on two 118-metre steel towers and possesses a diameter of 51 metres and a weight of 300 tons. It takes 1,712 40-Watt bulbs to light the display. In 2003, the Bayer cross was overhauled completely.

Bayer cross Leverkusen
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No other product has done more to make the Bayer name famous than Aspirin, developed by Felix Hoffmann and launched onto the market in 1899.

Bayer aspirin

The following snippet comes courtesy of Neatorama, and the article, ‘scary science that humans have foolishly embraced‘.

“Got a nagging cough? Some heroin will fix you right up. At least, that’s what mothers believe in 1898, when they start buying Bayer Heroin for their sick kids.

“Soon approved by the American Medical Association, the drug is marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute – which is wrong on many levels. Not only is heroin extremely addictive, but the body also metabolizes it into morphine.

“When reports of extreme addiction become known, Bayer acknowledges its blunder and stops making the medicine in 1913. But for the next decade, heroin lozenges, heroin elixirs, and heroin tablets continue to dominate the market.”

Bayer heroin

The Bayer logo has remained almost exactly the same for over a century, and works equally well at both large and small sizes, with or without colour.

Bayer logo design


I really like the Bayer logo and I’m happy that they’ve never changed it (apart from the subtle variations).

Also, I’ve seen many “copies” of the same concept almost everywhere, but everytime I see those I instantly think about Bayer.

I find interesting, and almost strange that they never changed their logo after their associations in ww2. It looks synonymous with the german axis mark of the time.

I am not a fan.. is there a specific reason for the “double” bayer? are there two bayers that founded the company?? … thats what I get from the logo… and especially don’t read pharmaceuticals from it

I like the simplicity of logos that have been around a long time. Today I feel like we try to make logos that are clever and do something that has never been done before (not that that’s necessarily bad). I miss the simple stuff by Iconic Logo Designers :)

Yipes! I didn’t know that about the heroine. Scary!

I like the Bayer Logo, looking good, very recognizeable & easy to get in every Size. What is interesting that the Logo is still alive after such a long time, I think the designer did a very good job.

@ Sean:

Probably the Cross stands for health. It could also be a tablet.

Love it!! Not a fan of the tonal version in the post header on the main page, I kinda have a hate for when logos that work so well in single colour are tweaked using grads and colours to make them feel ‘more’ (if that makes sense?). The huge lit version is scarily impressive.

Sean, I guessed, as Alex did, the cross represents health (red cross), but I don’t know for sure.

Al, likewise, the colour graduation seems unnecessary, but the main factor is how it still works without the need for embellishment.

i think you can recognize this logo very easily, once you see it you will not forget it, and the cross sign gives an idea about health.

actually i was lost and confused when i tried to read (Bayer)

I think this logo is the typical case of work that is now your style but is so widely known and since I have seen it since I can remember that is very much effective. Wherever you see the Bayer logo you recognize the brand immediately, that is what branding is all about => coming through with an image or message.

By the way the part of the article that talks about the heroin bayer waooo! scary what medicine does no?

Thanks for an excellent post!


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