Moving Brands’ recent identity work for the BBC included an appropriately animated wordmark for BBC Newsbeat, the national broadcaster’s news service aimed at 16-24yr olds.

Newsbeat logo

“The wordmark is designed to react to the beat; when a user hits pre-programmed points within the site, a beat sequence animation is triggered in the mark. The grid system is built to replicate a simple music time signature — all elements of the grid are divisible by four, with content landing on or off the beat.”

The “beat sequence” didn’t come to mind before or after I read the above quote. Instead the animation immediately reminded me of scrolling through content on a phone, which must’ve been part of the rationale. It seems more fitting, anyway.

Newsbeat identity system

The following video introduces the work, set to a particularly tasty Vince Clarke remix of Future Islands’ Doves.

The project ran from October to December in 2014, with the identity first launched as part of Newsbeat’s election coverage in April 2015.

Newsbeat identity

Newsbeat identity

More details on the Moving Brands website.

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June 25, 2015


I’d wager more and more animated logos popping up in the future. I can’t help but find it a bit distracting in the mockup.

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