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I’ve searched my bookmarks and gathered your tips, culminating in a selection of sites, books, posts, and designers.

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Type foundries

Arnhem typeface
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  • Hoefler & Frere-Jones, H&FJ works with brand leaders in every sector, developing original typefaces and licensing fonts from its library of nearly 1,000 designs
  • Porchez Typofonderie, an independent digital type foundry in France, designing, manufacturing and selling high quality typefaces
  • OurType, founded in 2002, OurType is managed by three partners: Fred Smeijers, Corina Cotorobai and Rudy Geeraerts
  • Village, the union of eleven young type foundries who have decided to go it alone, together
  • P22, creates computer typefaces inspired by art, history, and sometimes science
  • FontShop, around for 16 years, since the dawn of digital type
  • Process Type Foundry, from a studio in Golden Valley, Minnesota
  • Colophon, set-up by Brighton-based studio Entente
  • Type foundries worth a look, a slightly larger resource, with commentator recommendations, too


Logo by Michael Evamy
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Catch a few more recommended reads here: A few good books.

Logo history

logo design history
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logo design trends leaf
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“Logo trends” is a bit of an oxymoron. Granted, a logo should live and grow with a brand, but it shouldn’t adhere to the latest fads. Because of which I don’t much like these features, but I know they prove popular, so here you go.


logo notions
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Design agencies

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Independent identity designers

Andrew Sabatier
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OK logo design
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Mexico 70 logo
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Style guides and manuals

E4 logo
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Further resources

La Logotheque
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Hopefully that’ll keep you occupied for a while.

60 responses

  1. Insanely great resource, I think you should also add the book “Logo Design” that came out some time last year (the one with the purple foil stamp on the cover)

    This book has some great case studies in the front, and is every bit as good as the logo lounge series… I hope the do a follow up.

  2. Vivien, glad you wanted to bookmark this. I pieced it together in around two or three hours, spread out over a week (kept having to leave it and come back to the draft at a later point).

  3. Awesome resources !

    May i add 2 logo books to the list i can’t live without:

    “Logo, Font & Lettering Bible” by Leslie Cabarga, which to me is the single most amazing book when it comes to logos – full of information, practical advice and so not “just another book of 1000 logos”.Link here:

    “Idea Index” by Jim Krause; ironically Jim has written another, different book specifically about logos – still i find “Idea Index” to be a lot more helpful in terms of getting ideas for logos.It’s an incredible wealthy pool of idea resources and perfect for the time when you have a “designer’s block”.Link here:

    Geez, actually i am giving away top secret industry secrets here but hey, both books deserve it ! ;)

  4. Jim, I enjoyed your article. Thanks for linking through to it.

    Jeff, great suggestion. I’ll add it shortly.

    Johno, thanks again for recommending type foundries. They’re excellent. I hope the Awards nominees live up to expectation.

    Frank, I’ll have to add those books. Cheers for stopping by.

  5. Hi Tom,

    I like the video presentation from your co-founder (or is it you?). Perhaps adding a name beside the video would help. People like to know who they’re watching.

    Also, how about breaking up your portfolio page a little? Placing logos with descriptions, or ordering them better as opposed to here and there.

  6. Hi David,

    great site with useful resources! I know many of your recommended books and would also recommend the book “Lingua Universalis: Global Wordless Understanding”.

    Best regards,

  7. Yup, a very resourcefull list indeed. There is one thing you shouldn’t do in the future: when writing down links – they all open in the same window, wich takes me away from the page I’m on. So the best thing to do – from a PR point of view and usability too – is always to make the links open in a new window, so the user won’t have to click “Back” button or get irritated by that.

    Pardon my English and, once again, this article is good work!

  8. Just found this page…what a great resource. What are the links below the comments? Are they extra resources or pingback/trackbacks (whatever the difference between those 2 are :) )

    I love the Firefox logo article up there. I have a copy of the NIV “Children’ts Bible” that inspired the original fox design. It was the story of Samson when he tied burning torches to the tails of paired-up foxes and set them running to burn the Philistines down…which some people correlate to Internet Explorer. Or maybe just IE6 :)

  9. How great to see what the Firefox logo was inspired from. Thanks, Doug.

    The links below comments are indeed trackbacks. I added a heading to them, then removed it when I realised the heading shows on posts without any, which looked odd. I know there’s some php “if” and “else” code that gets around that, but I was too busy at the time to go studying.

  10. Wow David, how did you find that Firefox inspiration? Is that really where it came from!? What an obscure and random place to draw inspiration, but I guess that’s where the best types of inspiration are drawn from hahaha.

  11. awesome source. I am actually working on a logo design in my vector and raster class and this is so helpful!

  12. Wow- what a great resource for designers and inspiration. I’ll be placing a link from my website to this one. It’s always inspirational to find a new resource that simply inspires me to do better.

  13. Great website – first time on here and have stumbled on some brilliant posts, the logo design resources you have posted will come in handy for sure. Great stuff . . . thanks.

  14. These resources have been a goldmine of valuable info. Please keep them coming.

    I have gained a ton of ideas.

  15. I am looking for a reasonable designer to make a logo for my new beverage company. I am launching the product and need to have a slick logo soon. I will be putting it on the bottles and 4-pack carriers and want some one who is good at a modern minimalist style.

    Anyone send me prices and I’ll give you more information on the project.


  16. I am Abdus Salam, logo designer from Bangladesh. I have read the book. It is a really good resource for a logo designer.

    Also thanks for such a helpful post.


  17. David-

    I know it’s tough to really “trend” logo design- but where do you see it going? More and more, I am watching intricate, swirly marks going away in favor of blocky or rounded web 2.0.. That’s not big news- But I am seeing a trend to change up a lot of long-standing marks. I happen to know someone that is working on a total re-imagining of the Lowes logo.

    Good idea or bad?

  18. It depends entirely on the project, Steve. There’s no catch-all answer. Where do I see it going in general? There’s already a huge move toward BrandWorlds (a term coined by Simon Manchipp at SomeOne) where every aspect of the brand is pulling in the same direction. As such, less and less importance is placed upon a logo in isolation.

  19. What a fantastic resource!

    This entire site is gold for any designer – from beginner to senior. So many resources to follow up on now.

    Thank you so much!

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