Old Bing logoOld Bing logo.

The redesign (mentioned by Bing a couple of days ago) is definitely an upgrade, and more in tune with logos for Microsoft’s other services.

Bing logo

Bing symbol

“From the color of our logo to the angle of the cut on the top of the b, the Bing identity has been designed to fit seamlessly into the Microsoft family of products.”

Bing logo

Bing symbol

“We’ve taken inspiration from the new Bing symbol by taking all angles to infinity and adding in levels of color and transparency to add depth and energy. We call this the Searchlight graphic as it uses the Bing symbol as a prism of light and inspiration.”
— Scott Erickson, brand and creative

It’d be good to see more context when new designs are shared, such as where those “Searchlights” will appear. A small number of visuals never does the designers any favours when it comes to general consensus among the people using the service.

More details on the Bing blog.


I liked the old one, even though it’s stretched. Even Dreamworks Animation logotype is stretched, but that’s unique.

Bing is my all time fav design. I don’t like the new one. It looks like the “Google DRIVE” logo broken.

I prefer and love unique “old bing” a lot more better than this new one.

Also, I don’t know why “b” is in lower case, as other MS products start with Uppercase like “Office” “Windows”.

Looks suspiciously like a monochrome version of one of Google’s logos (Google Drive) rotated slightly… I’d wager that’s no coincidence.

I also like that the name of their search engine still means “waste tip” in my part of the world.

Struggling, reads more like an uppercase “G” especially at an angle. The relation between symbol and type is slightly off… modification unresolved in my book.

I don’t think this logo fits next to the ‘bing’ type. It’s too thick, sharp and clunky. The small bird is a nice touch (if intended) but I feel like that animal’s already taken by twitter. Better to go for a more independent identity. I certainly don’t see a prism.

To me a search engine brings up a lot more emotive imagery without being as cliche as a magnifying glass.

I think it’s a massive improvement on the original wordmark. The new logo is edgy & fresh in my opinion. Also, I absolutely love the conceptual idea of the Searchlight graphic. I don’t believe I’ve seen that done before. Lovely work.

Infinity? The Infinity symbol has changed dramatically since I saw it yesterday!

As someone else commented: A missed opportunity!

Why are the search engines all jumping on the bandwagon and changing their logos? What’s about to be launched??

“We’ve taken inspiration from the new Bing symbol by taking all angles to infinity and adding in levels of color and transparency”.

Some people don’t half talk bollox! ;)

I feel that it’s certainly a better move, putting the logo in the same family. My only complaint is that with some of the Bing homepage backgrounds, the B looks very out of place. It has more modern lines than you’d expect to see next to a pair of ducks for example.

I think it’s a huge improvement on the first word mark. The new brand is nervy & recent in my opinion. Also, I completely love the abstract plan of the Searchlight graphic. I don’t believe I’ve seen that done before.

The new mark is very brandable but I’m not sure it matches up well with the type. I do see what looks like a dove in the negative space but what’s the significance with that, if it is?

The new Bing logo fits in so much better with the other Microsoft products. Now if they can only get more people to use Bing instead of Google then the redesign will be worth it.

Amazing…why is Bikubenfonden not doing anything about it? Clearly infringement….not only did they swipe the logo but they even adapted the diagonal lines. I don’t get it, why would Bing take such a foolish risk? Unless they were unaware, and the designer did a colossal No No… hard to believe, a search engine not searching.

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