Brand identity process

1/ Conducting research

Clarify visions, strategies, goals, and values.
Research stakeholders’ needs and perceptions.
Conduct marketing, competitive, technology, legal, and language audits.
Interview key management.
Evaluate existing brands and brand architecture.
Present audit readout.

2/ Clarifying strategy

Synthesise learnings.
Clarify brand strategy.
Develop and positioning platform.
Co-create brand attributes.
Write a brand brief.
Achieve agreement.
Create a naming strategy.
Develop a key message.
Write a creative brief.

3/ Designing identity

Visualise the future.
Brainstorm big idea.
Design brand identity.
Explore applications.
Finalise brand architecture.
Achieve agreement.

4/ Create touchpoints

Finalise identity design.
Develop look and feel.
Initiate trademark protection.
Prioritise and design applications.
Design program.
Apply brand architecture.

5/ Managing assets

Build synergy around the new brand.
Develop launch strategy and plan.
Launch internally first.
Launch externally.
Develop standards and guidelines.
Nurture brand champions.

Alina is one of the many great contributors to the Work for Money, Design for Love book, sharing stories on design pricing and how to handle the design client approach.

Thanks again, Alina.


Spectacular book! Should be on any designers list of must have books!
Thanks for sharing David!

Hi David. Great post, great book. You’re doing a great job with and (I’m a huge fan, and truly respect your work.) God bless you!

Mr. Airey, you are one of the authors that I value so much besides Ms. Alina Wheeler. I’m actualy using the first edition of LDL and Wheeler’s Designing Brand Identity as my main literatures for our thesis. It is one of my great goals to have a chat with you about designing and developing university logos.

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