Brand New Awards 2011 winners

The winners of the second Brand New Awards by UnderConsideration have been announced. The criteria included that work must have been implemented or approved for implementation during 2011. Here’s a snippet.

Best of show (1 of 2)
Brand New Awards
Saint Bartholomew’s Church, by OCD | The Original Champions of Design

Best of show (2 of 2)
Brand New Awards
New Theatre, by Interbrand Sydney

Logo and identity animations
Best of category

Current TV, by Wolff Olins

Basic identity applications
Best of category
Brand New Awards
IS Creative Studio, by IS Creative Studio

Comprehensive identity programs
Best of category
Brand New Awards
Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, by Landor Associates

View the full list of winners on the Brand New Awards website.

From the archives: Brand New Awards 2010 winners.

Update: 29 March 2012
More info about the judging and the winners today on Brand New.

8 responses

  1. They look pretty but I’m struggling to understand exactly what they are. I can’t find any website for the ice cream or Bardot ice cream or whatever it’s called (it’s a confusing post).

    Can anyone cast some more light on these designs?

    Funnily enough a guy I studied with did almost exactly the same thing for his identity and business cards as Is Creative Studio. I’m not suggesting they copied it in any way shape or form, that would be dumb and I hate myself for writing this as it sounds like I’m dismissing the job which again I’m not trying to do, but have a look at their website. Don’t you find it really annoying after about 15 seconds?

    Are we in danger of being too tricksy with design rather than just crafting really crisp pieces of visual communication?

  2. It’d be good to see the submissions exactly as they were entered (if only just the ‘best of category’). I’m sure it’d direct more visitors and publicity to the awards site.

  3. Not too sure I’m quite grasping the IS Creative Studio concept. I mean I guess I just don’t really see the point of a business card if you are just going to cover up your logo. Maybe I’m missing something here?

  4. I agree with you Lee – whilst I like the idea of controlling the focus of the viewer, I personally think this execution actually disrupts the browsing experience and the fact that the cursor has to be sat over the image for it to be visible is also quite obstructive.

  5. See I don’t mind the identity being covered because I feel it draws interest from the viewer to find out what is underneath. I’d want to pick up their business card to see what it was about and who it was. Ok so the idea has been used quite a bit already but I still like the idea none-the-less for the simplicity and the different patterns that can be created from the type being blocked out. I also really like the luminous pink against the black and white.

  6. I think the logo is not covered, that two rectangles are the actual logo. On their website they said that the name IS comes from Ingredient Secret. There is a concept behind it, a lot of designs out there are pretty but they have no concept. This one has a concept and looks good. I Love it!

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