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As mentioned last month on the Design Week website, a new logo and identity has been created by The Brand Union for Brand USA.

USA logo

“In designing the identity we wanted to find a logo that was both aspirational and true to the heart of the country; the use of a percolating image encapsulates the energy and optimism that draws people to the United States.”

JWT will launch an ad campaign in March 2012.

Images and commentary on Creative Review and Brand New.

Armin summed it with, “the whole aggregation/sum-of-its-parts concept is always a Board of Directors-pleasing pitch.”

Press release on Marketwire.

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  1. While the concept makes sense and it’s visually appealing, something about the logo just doesn’t sit right with me. It feels like it would be more appropriate for a tech or electronics company. Also, it feels a little too trendy and I imagine it will feel dated quickly. I’d rather a logo that captures the heart and essence of America…freedom. Again, the concept is there with the grid of circles and how some have broken free, but the execution isn’t right. Design is subjective and we will all see the logo differently, but those were my initial thoughts. Would love to hear what others think.

  2. What about readability and visibility. While this logo will have no problems of visibility from far will it be the same from near?

    Also scaling it to very small size could be a problem. Faxing it could be yet another problem where the dots might become like a haze… But the concept is good.

  3. I can see where they are going with this idea, I like how the circles come together to form the letters as this reminds me of the individual states. The use of different colours also makes me think of the unity between different races that make up the USA.

  4. Although in execution the idea may be fine, it just doesn’t stick with me, just like Kevin Burr wrote a bit higher.

    Change USA with another short country name, and it pretty much gives the same impact. No more star-spangled-banner, no eagle, no statue are a refreshing note, but I feel it’s a bit too refreshing, straying too far away from actually makes it different.

    I also get the same impression from when I see aerial night shots of cities: they look nice in a certain way, but can also be seen as something… contagious.

    It’s good work, but I not sold on it being good for a country.

  5. Hmm. Looks to me like the USA is dissolving (like a Alka-Seltzer tablet). That along with the receding colors — doesn’t hit me as a strong logo.

  6. It does not sit right with me either. Can’t really put a finger on it, per se. I know the purple will become an issue, unfortunately. I don’t know. It almost seems un-American in some weird way.

  7. The thinking is solid, and so is the avoidance of stars, stripes, bald eagles and the like. The end result and execution however screams ‘client intervention.’

  8. I think I get the concept, but apart from it not looking American (imo), what’s with the whole ‘branding’ a country thing anyway? Isn’t the flag of a nation it’s identity? Ask anyone what says ‘America’ best, this new logo or the Stars n Stripes…….? Now THAT is a brand. Unnecessary and pointless.

  9. Where is the red, white and blue? Sure it looks nice, but as an aspirational idea it doesn’t travel far. The percolated look seems too obvious and it’s definitely over used.

    If your going to aspire to something, show some initiative.

  10. A bright concept there. Though it would’ve been more refreshing to see something more o-p-e-n and simple. May be increase the size of the dots and reduce the number. Execution is excellent but colours aren’t totally there! Quite a few ‘though thoughts’ this logo triggers.
    Anyways, am I the only one who thinks it somewhat resembles a colour blindness test image?

  11. I don’t care for it. No Red White and Blue? I don’t think it identifies this country, it could identify anything from Utah Skater’s Association to Uzbekistan Socialist Army.

  12. I try to always look for the positive in designs as I know how difficult the process can be but I don’t like this at all. The USA brand is Stars & Stripes; Red, White, & Blue; bald eagle; Uncle Sam, etc. The USA brand is not blue and purple Dippin Dots. Not to be arrogant but everyone knows The USA. All they had to do was put up “Old Glory” and call it a day.

    Also, I can’t quite put my finger on it but I get the feeling that I’ve seen this logo before for some other company.

  13. Look at the logo reduced and it suffers. It has other connotations that are not positive… measles, virus, dissolving.

    I think the concept is OK but not worthy of international exposure.

  14. It’s a good thing blue is not a major factor to the color blind. Had it been red/green this would have been a big fail.

  15. Strange to me that they didn’t use red at all.

    PROS: The logo makes me think of fireworks, of a large group of individuals coming together as one (with more color diversity would make me think ‘melting pot’).

    CONS: It vibrates and my eyes are a little uncomfortable looking at it. Purple has nothing to do with the colors of the USA. Imho there are too many ‘stray’ dots…cleaner would’ve been more pleasing for me. And finally, like another posted above, I believe it’s too trendy-looking, will become outdated, and need to be redesigned totally.

  16. Agreed on the “too trendy”. Ironically, I’ve been on a trend of incorporating multiple circles in designs lately, but still just at the flirtation stage. Here it seems more like the circles are drifting away than coming together. Also, there needs to be some familiar visual token for the audience to clue in on. I know it’s cliche, but if it were red, white, and blue it’d at least evoke some semblance of Americana. But even then… even in BW it just doesn’t work for me.

  17. The problem I have with this is while the concept of people being drawn to the United States can be taken as just the opposite…

    Can’t this logo also be seen as people leaving the United States?

    The idea makes sense, but I think the execution needs to be thought out a bit more.

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