“There have always existed disputes among the competing parties, divergent opinions, while the fans of each brand were convinced that theirs was the best product. Last, but not least, the rivals have even conducted ad campaigns against the competing brands. This project mostly approaches the visual “conversations” between the company logos and the ways that they influence each other, hence the name of the project, Brandversations. It is a parallel between the modern and the old, some of the slogans dating back to the 40s and 50s.”
— Stefan Asafti





Does the brand name overpower the shape of the mark, or vice versa? An interesting project by Stefan Asafti.

More Brandversations on Stefan’s Behance profile. Via @FutureBrand.


Completely forgetting the whole idea of this article, I love the posters for what they are and how the logos have been combined. In some ways I see these posters to mean that without Coca-Cola, there wouldn’t be Pepsi, without Microsoft, there wouldn’t be Apple and without IE there wouldn’t be Firefox, but even if that is that case, I have to say the laters are now the winners in my eyes, they’ve gone that step further, they’re more current and more modern. Not to mention, Pepsi has always tasted better than Coca-Cola to me.

One will mostly see the brand that is represented by the container rather than the things the container is made of, i think the pepsi one says coca cola as it has a big coca cola logo in the upper left corner where the eyes begin to look at the image :)

I have to agree with Kelly’s thoughts on one would not exist without the other. The execution of the posters are excellent, such so that I personally see the container and the logos inside them are noticed secondly.

M.C. makes a very good point. If all of the Coca-Cola logos within the Pepsi container were smaller and uniform, we would likely notice the Pepsi logo more. However that larger Coke logo really jumps out at you. Even moreso due to the larger space around that particular instance.

I recognize the shape of the overall canvas before I do the inner logos of a competing product.

I’m more influenced by the shape of the primary logo.

The Apple logo I immediate associate with Apple for instance, the Windows icon didn’t ever effect that. I just saw Apple and they sprung to mind.

I agree that you notice the container logo before the smaller ones within it, however in the first instance of the Pepsi and Coca Cola, I noticed the Coca Cola logo first. I don’t think it’s because of the sizes used, but more so because of the power of the branding. I really like how they’ve combined two major companies within an industry to create such powerful visuals!

I found that both the container logo and it’s contents have almost the same hierarchy somehow, maybe with the exception of Apple where you recognize the container logo first. Both Pepsi/Coke and FireFox/Explorer were such an interesting contrast that they hit me with the one-two punch immediately. Great idea and fun to look at!

“In some ways I see these posters to mean that without Coca-Cola, there wouldn’t be Pepsi, without Microsoft, there wouldn’t be Apple and without IE there wouldn’t be Firefox,”

My thoughts exactly Kelly.

I didn’t even realize that there was a dual brand design going on here! I just scrolled down and saw Coke, Apple, and Firefox. Period. (Until I started reading the comments, and I’m like “Huh?”, and had to backtrack.)

I found it interesting that looking at the posters I thought “Coca-cola and Pepsi, Apple and Windows, and then Internet Explorer…what’s the other brand…oh Firefox”. The colors for the first two are a lot more simple so the both brands are more visible but the colors of the Firefox logo threw me off. It uses five colors / shades compared to the others that use one and two colors.

Great project!

What a fantastic way to visually connect competing companies. This is a work of art all on its own, so engaging and fascinating. I’m mesmerised!

In my opinion, the brand name does overpower the shapes of each mark; however at first glance, I saw the shape due to looking at the poster as a whole before focusing on an individual part of the shape.

Reading Kelly’s comment opened up a new lane of thought for me. When you think about it, she is right. There are many other brands that can fall into her example. Stefan has a very creative project of which I’ve never seen before and this one is good!

Which do you think is overpowering David?

Hi Mattia,

I didn’t always see the container (or the symbol before the logo). I saw Coca Cola before Pepsi, probably because the Pepsi marque doesn’t really resonate yet, I don’t remember it, I don’t think it’s that distinctive. Coke is the second most recognized word on the planet (behind OK which is also in the word Coke) and probably the most exposed brand of all time (with the exception of Christianity). Even hiding it behind Pepsi’s logo it still stood out and made me think Coca Cola. Of course I may be alone in this! The other Symbols are strong than Pepsi so stood out.

I don’t think we should read too much into this, just enjoy it for what it is.

Why has the apple logo been framed. The other 2 stand out more but have not been framed. Sensing classic Mac love

I totally agree with Kelly here, without one, would the other really be that good? Competition causes each body to strive for greatness, as each seeks to become “better” than the next. Excellent perception though.

In the case of the Coca Cola / Pepsi symbol, I think that they came to me both at the same time, but for a moment it didn’t occur to me there was a conflict. Then within a couple of seconds, my brain said, oh wait there are Coca Cola logos embedded in a Pepsi logo. I didn’t recognize instantly that there were two brands that didn’t belong together.

I agree with Lee: I see Coke, Apple, and Firefox. But something tells me that our preferences determine what we perceive. If I were a Pepsi drinking Windows user who prefers Explorer, I’m sure I would see it very differently.

Can i just ask why des the apple have a line around it? It doesnt seem to need it.
Cool work by the way.
I saw pepsi, apple and firefox

Sooo in love with these posters. I saw apple & firefox right away but for some reason pepsi took an extra second.

I think that the Coca Cola pattern transcends its container because the branding is so strong and solid.

I found myself wondering for a moment, “wait… did Coke make that red and blue globe?”

I find the IE / Firefox poster very beautiful, and I like Firefox. However the solidity of the IE logo helped it jump out from its container, causing me to take some time to process the Firefox shape.

Lee Newham is right, on the first poster you see Coca-Cola (nevertheless I prefer Pepsi), on others you see the shape.

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