Fixing the Brazil 2014 World Cup logo

In 2010, Felix Sockwell did a good job fixing the Brazil 2014 logo.

This is the design that’s going to be used (without any of Felix’s tweaks).

Brazil 2014 World Cup logo

“There are so many things wrong with this logo, but I will agree that its premise, or idea, was OK. Let me take a few minutes to tell you whats wrong with this mark and what I would do to quickly amend it.”

Brazil 2014 World Cup logo

(Slightly bigger image here).

Brazil 2014 World Cup logo

I’m not keen on that lockup but those subtle symbol changes make all the difference.

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  1. If this fix is better than the original, then only slightly.

    Of course the fingers look more natural now, but it also makes the symbol a bit dull. Moreover, the “improved” design seems less energetic and more flat. It may be technically better (although still not perfect), but I think it has lost some important qualities along the way.

    I am far from being in love with the original project, but I like the general feel of it, and even the idea of making the hands a little quirky, and therefore unique. Obviously, execution is an issue here, but I am pretty sure that it will get fixed in the future, as we all know what is not an issue in this case: the money to make it happen.

  2. Why is this logo comprised of hands when football (soccer) is played with feet?

    Anyway, still looks like someone face palming.

  3. A small improvement. Unfortunately, FIFA follows its tradition of amateurish designs. The identity for the 2014 World Cup is once again subpar. The biggest flaw in this design is probably the use of hands. This isn’t the Handball World Cup.

  4. @ john h

    But you don’t lift the world cup with your feet. It’s less celebrating the rules of football and rather celebrating the passion of winning the competition.

  5. It’s much better, but it wasn’t a Brazilian studio who designed the logo, that’s why it sucks. Look what we did with the 2016 Olympic logo.

    Not only it this a horrible logo, but it also looks like people trying the five fingers discount on the cup.

  6. Yes I see the face-palm, and everyone is saying its played with feet not hands, but for me the hands look like they want the World Cup (which if you don’t already know is the shape the hands form).

    Also, I like the corky hands. The “improved” version is better technically but it loses a lot of energy, I think it’s because of the colors used in the end. The green background is not a good idea.

  7. I like the original better than the “fixed” version. Like mentioned before the colours and unique fingers gave it a more passionate feeling. I think it was a better representation of thinking outside the box than the “fixed” version.

  8. The current world cup (of which this logo is meant to look like) is of three or four figures holding the world aloft. Using hands in the logo is an obvious choice – using feet would look daft. Also, winners of the world cup tend to hold the trophy above their heads – using their hands…

  9. “unique fingers gave it a more passionate feeling… I think it was a better representation of thinking outside the box”

    wanna explain this? both designs seem quite deliberate.
    sometimes you have to approach a project with a good sense of its application. in this case, closed in areas that will bleed or morph when stitched into hats or shirts is a non starter. also a non starter: celebrity judges and crowd sourced RFPs.

  10. This is football (soccer) we are talking about. I mean, I really don’t like literal stuff but hands may not be the most accurate choice here, if it was played with hands maybe. But just one player on the team uses his hands in a game. The others are penalized if they do it.

  11. There’s an explanation for this horrible logo. The advertising agency that created this “thing” have the accounts of the major sponsors of World Cup. That’s it. In Brazil we have excellent design offices, but the money is the boss.

  12. … I enjoyed the tutorial given by Felix

    The way Brasil is written slightly reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil movie. I think that is where his attention to creating energy went…?

  13. true, players use hands when they are throwing in.

    i don’t think hands make the logo bad, or off. there is just too much information and what there is is badly drawn. the aesthetic is cheap. the animation is even worse. the logo for Brasil 2014 is much better- a case study in how the process can bare fruit

  14. I’m a brazilian designer and all brazilian designers agree that this logo was built pretty bad. Your fix is much better than the current design. It’s sad, but unfortunately, that’s the logo.

  15. I know its FOOTball, but I think the hands may symbolize the moment of glory when a team holds the cup. Have you ever seen that moment? all the team´s hands holding (and struggling) to hold or even touch the cup.

    I think maybe they also wanted to symbolize “union” between countries, that although are competing against each other, at the end of the day we are all “brothers” and united…and I don´t know how could someone draw united feet, its more about the hands…

    well that´s my theory on the hands thing…

  16. A logo doesn’t always have to mirror 100% soccer. At the end of the final the whole team touch the cup and they can run to do it. evening of glory – all of the players want to feel this victory so maybe the shape of hand is correct.

  17. I agree with Lukasz Ruszel and the rest who mentioned that the improved version removes alot of the energy that the original design had.

    Although technically the original looks a little unfinished (and maybe a little unprofessional?), it at least conveys the energy and enthusiasm that is always associated with FIFA World Cup.

  18. Fico realmente entristecido ao ver muitas pessoas apoiando (aqui) a logo original. Talvez porque estas não sejam designers, ou por simplesmente não terem um conhecimento especifico na área de criação de marcas. Mas não notar o amadorismo utilizado na criação deste símbolo e defender modelo original, já é um crime contra o design gráfico. Sem dúvida que o redesign ficou MUITO, mas MUITO, melhor. Fico pensando, como seria bom se eu tivesse poder para aprovar este novo símbolo. Pelo menos assim eu passaria a ter menos vergonha da marca criada aqui no Brasil.

  19. gracias Marcelo.
    for some, it’s hard to separate the emotion and patriotism involved in creating something as important as the WC logo. what can’t be stressed enough is that, from the outset, this froggy handed design fails first on a reproduction level; it can’t be produced well as embroidery and wont produce well in this gradient form. The ® and © are so big and goofy it throws the whole thing off. It’s wasteful and needs to be cleaned up. And thats all I tried to do

  20. I work for a big media company and I deal with this s*** all the time. Corporations don’t trust their own internal creative types (if they have them) with the responsibility of branding / logo creation. Instead, they outsource logos to marketers who always do a half-ass job. Marketers don’t care about visual design as long at it communicates something that will satisfy a client and make them money… and clients believe their marketers are experts and accept what they’re given.

  21. I see the reason for the frog-hands, and to some extent the shading. It’s to suggest that the globe of the trophy is eminating light. That’s why the reworked version looks a little ‘flat’. Having said that, I do agree with some of the revisions — that capitalised font (Neutra or something similar) is very evocative.

  22. Your version of the logo is absolutely amazing! It’s way more professional, of course.

    I still don’t get it why they colored two of the hands green, though. It makes the ‘facepalm’ so obvious.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  23. I like the original better. It looks more vibrant and fun when I compare the two. I understand what you are trying to do here but you have removed the energy from the original and made it into something bland and rather boring in my opinion. You removed the gradient from the hands, which I disagree with. You did get rid of the huge R and C, which I like. You also changed the font which I do not agree with, as well as removing the Red 2014 which I feel should have emphasis considering that is a main point. I like how the original is embossed as well, but the fingers are amphibian like, lol…

    I do like how you changed one hand to blue.

  24. I´m from Brazil… this logo was chosen because it’s the symbol of spiritism… this is how Chico Xavier (a medium in Brazil) concentrated in his received spirits. One catholic country with big spiritual influences. It´s a shame.

  25. Few flaws I see in your updated design.
    The TM: Agreed the C and R are too big and can do with reloaction however there is a legal difference between the three and the two expressed are the two required to be present on the logo. TM means you own the image or name (the mark of your trade) which would belong to FIFA, C means you hold rights as original creator (thus no one can duplicate your work and call it theirs) and R means you have reserved rights to the image and what happens to it.

    Second and probably more trivial is the gradient you used to make the 3D feel… The original gradient used gives the 3D look where yours only lifts it. Comparing the two the hands create more of a ball shape with the original than yours did.

    But on the whole yours does look neater and better presented.

  26. Do logos really need intellectual property symbols at all? Copyright exists regardless of the symbol. Everyone knows they shouldn’t use the logo without permission and those that would don’t care and will do it anyway.

    The original is horrible. The hands look like rubber gloves.

  27. Overall the remake looks ugly.
    The only thing that’s made better is the shape of fingers.
    Type – ugly, colors – not too good, overall it looks like “hipster flat” – not good.

  28. It’s not even the mediocre design elements; it’s the fact that they blast the stupid logo up on the screen every 5 seconds or so. Overuse!

  29. The logo looks like a green haired man with a parting, and a yellow hand covering his face in shame. Is it a sign of Brazil losing the World Cup?

  30. As a designer, I had big problems with it at first; the hands were too clunky. But now after looking it over, I love it. The designer has simply created gloved goaltender hands. KISS has been executed to a tee, “Keep It Simple Stupid”.
    Even the type font (if you can call it that) is so simple. It’s like a song or a movie best enjoyed the second time around.

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