The redesign of a sports club logo or crest generates more contention than most projects, because club supporters feel a much greater sense of ownership than they would with, for example, a multinational bank or a restaurant chain.

Brentford FC crestThe new Brentford FC club crest, for the 2017/18 season.

The latest update to cross my inbox is for English Championship side Brentford FC (The Bees), developed over 18 months by London-based Article.

Brentford FC crest oldBrentford’s old/current club crest, 1993-2016.

Flaws in the previous design (above) are obvious, but I’m sure that by addressing them in the club crest mini-site it helped bring supporters on board with the update.

Brentford FC crest sketchesDigital roughs.

Brentford FC crest evolutionCrest evolution.

Brentford FC crestEmbroidered.

The mini-site also lists the advantages of the redesign.

Brentford FC crest

A great overall improvement by Article, who commissioned Peter Horridge to illustrate the bee. Article were previously featured on Identity Designed with their Escape the City project.

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November 15, 2016


Huge improvement. Honing in on one idea does wonders for creating strong logos. The ’93 version is just confusing. I have to say that I find ’89 quite hilarious though. Wrong for so many reasons but that cartoon bee is really kind of fun to look at.

Definitely less confusing, but missed a trick by not having red/white stripes below the bee incorporated in a black circle.

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