Dubonnet man

The graphic art of the advertising mascot

Alphabet Logo

Alphabet Logo

Logo Michael Evamy mini edition

What does a designer need to consider when designing a logo?

Champions League star symbol

A few things #3

Logo Design Love book

To the contributors

TM classic logos


An Alphabet of Monograms

An alphabet of monograms

Manuals identity guidelines

Manuals 1. Design & Identity Guidelines.

Signet Signal Symbol

Signet Signal Symbol

FHK Henrion book

FHK Henrion

A Logo For London

A Logo for London, by David Lawrence

Logo RIP, Spratts logo

Logo R.I.P.

Vintage Pirelli ad 1922

Pirelli logo evolution

watching words move

watching words move

Snooty Peacock logo

Snooty Peacock