Logo Michael Evamy mini edition

What does a designer need to consider when designing a logo?

Champions League star symbol

A few things #3

Logo Design Love book

To the contributors

TM classic logos


An Alphabet of Monograms

An alphabet of monograms

Manuals identity guidelines

Manuals 1. Design & Identity Guidelines.

Signet Signal Symbol

Signet Signal Symbol

FHK Henrion book

FHK Henrion

A Logo For London

A Logo for London, by David Lawrence

Logo RIP, Spratts logo

Logo R.I.P.

Vintage Pirelli ad 1922

Pirelli logo evolution

watching words move

watching words move

Snooty Peacock logo

Snooty Peacock

AGM logo, Bob Gill

AGM logo

Apple logo fruit salad

Logo laws, black versus colour, tarnished brands, and a juicy fruit salad