Pixar lamp statue

The Pixar logo and the hopping desk lamp

Target logo from memory

Famous logos drawn from memory

Hillary Clinton logo sketches

On the Hillary Clinton logo

Mastercard symbol

Mastercard simplified

Aston Villa lion engraving

Refining Aston Villa’s club badge

Channel 4 identity

Channel 4 rebrand

Wiggins logo sketches

Wiggins wordmark refinement, by Dalton Maag

Pepsi neon Chinese

Western trademarks for the Chinese culture

Hitchcock with lion

The history of the MGM lions

Red Bull logo Thai

The origins of Red Bull

Champions League star symbol

A few things #3

Wheelchair logo New York

The “wheelchair” symbol gets an update

Apple office signage

Original Apple office signage from $10,000

Picasso Deux Personnages

Found it

Wheelchair parking only sign

International Symbol of Access