PlayStation logos

The making of PlayStation. Via DesignNotes.

Who says a logo can’t change a lot and still maintain its “brand equity”?

I’m by no means a keen gamer, but I do play a bit of Pro Evolution from time-to-time, and I have a PlayStation. I don’t remember any of the older logos shown above. Just the most recent styling. Have you seen the others before? Are they simply concepts before the original launch?

Just a quick image post whilst I catch up on emails, prepare a client logo revision, and work towards a book-writing deadline.

It’s been a bit quiet from me around here lately due to an excursion to one of the beautiful Balearic islands (a few of my photos through the link). I wanted to mention the break before leaving, but given what happened last time I publicised a holiday, I thought it best not to.

I trust you’ve all been keeping well? Hope so.

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May 25, 2009


Is this logo evolving or they just change it from time to time because they have new concept? I think it isn’t good for a brand to change their logo so often

It’s kinda obvious that this is the “making-of”. I own a first generation PSx and the logo has always been the same.

This is a cool insight in how they got where they are though!

That’s pretty cool – Never knew there were so many “concept” logos for Playstation.

Enjoyed checking out this article, thanks!

As an aside, I shall mention that since your GMail problem a couple years ago I’m totally paranoid when it comes to advertise the fact that I’m going to be offline :-P

You can see some continuation/influence in some of those from the Super Nintendo logo, as the PlayStation was originally supposed to be a collaborative console between Sony & Nintendo as the next step for the SNES. Both had basic colours and were quite child-like and simple, and PS kind of grew from that when it became it’s own system.

I hear you, Ozh. I’ve become much more wary about email filters, changing passwords, dodgey websites etc. than ever.

Thanks for that info snippet, Valentino. Never knew they’d planned a collaboration.

That tweet was appreciated, Marco, and cheers for commenting Igor, Drewl.

yeah I think these are more like sketches before the final version. dont really like them but the 7th is kinda cool!

The only ones that even look remotely close to the logo I know them by is 4 along the bottom right. I don’t even recognize any of the others.

I actually think that the one they finally went with is the best out of the bunch.

For some reason I quite like the first one (top left) as it’s quite fun, the rest of them don’t really cut it for me.

The evolution of the PlayStation logo is quite interesting. What is singularly striking is their preoccupation with primary colors. Also the fact that in almost every logo, you notice a very prominent “P” and a somewhat more subtle and less apparent “S”. Just an observation. :)

Even though the chosen design appears the most appropriate, I wonder how much that decision is swayed by previous exposure to the mark.

Thanks for the comments, folks.

NEVER seen the previous Playstation logo’s, only the last logo in the image.

Does anyone know what font playstation use? In the older logo designs? I’m sure it’s VERY similar to the font I use within my logo ‘Galette’.

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