Cliffhanger logo


Photographed from Symbol. Catch Magpie on Twitter.

More negative space logos from the archives.


I love negative space logos! Even though this isn’t exactly my perception of a cliff… rather a mount/mountain, but anyway. :)

Its great but I don’t believe it can really resemble a cliffhanger. You can technically ‘cliffhang’ on a gorge or edge of land. Not always associated with a mountain.

It’s great negative space, but you can also simplify this without just taking a silhouette of a hanger.

I agree it doesn’t necessarily resemble a cliff, but does it really have to? How literal does a logo need to be? Considering it is for a retailer specialising in outdoor apparel it makes a relevant and still clever symbol.

There are some nice “play on words” style logos on logo gallery sites, but many of them are created for fictitious companies. So it’s nice to see one like this “cliffhanger” design, that’s for an actual business, where the challenge is far greater.

Brilliant… I love it! Not every logo using whitespace forces you to ‘see the whitespace’ as it were. Sometimes people don’t see what the designer meant to do, but the fact that the hanger has this upside down point forces someone to take a closer look. I love this personally. This way the whitespace isn’t lost on anyone…

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