London-based Bunch — one of the kind Logo Design Love book contributors — created this logotype in 2006 for Club Collective.

Club Collective logo

“Our San Franciscan client, Cog1, asked us to submit some logos for a clubbing website that advises on the best global nightspots. We had to consider the fact that the logo would need to transpose cultural boundaries, and so if a symbol were to be created it would need to be come from global and not local culture.

“We toyed with using the two c’s of the name as the symbol but decided it lacked a musical reference.”

Initial Club Collective logo experiments

alternative Club Collective logo

alternative Club Collective logo

alternative Club Collective logo

“After abandoning the c’s we discovered the l’s, and that they’d still function as l’s if turned into an equaliser graphic. This succeeded on its own as a graphic device, and also within the logotype.”

Chosen Club Collective logo

Club Collective logo colour

Club Collective stationery…

Club Collective stationery design


Club Collective poster design

…and graphic device

Club Collective device design

“The symbol was used as a window to reveal images across the branding and was also die-cut into stationery.

“This idea translated to promotional elements whereby the image would be cut out of posters to allow the texture beneath to show through. Sadly the idea didn’t go through.”

Club Collective device design

It is a shame the “window” idea didn’t go through. It also seems as if the Club Collective venture isn’t currently live, given that the URL redirects to

All the same, nicely done by Bunch.


May 11, 2010


Not a great design.

I would have never guessed the bars were supposed to look like an “equalizer” (though what most people call an equalizer is actually a spectrum analyzer, but I digress). Doesn’t really look anything like one.

I’ve seen that variation of Helvetica with the weird lowercase t a few times, never been a fan of it.

I honestly don’t like this. I think it’s because they used that horrible typeface ‘Coolvetica’. That’s the typeface that Dave is talking about.

I’ve been a bit of an audiophile for a few years, and understood the meaning of the bars right away. I just hate the font they used. That weird t takes away from the equalizer.

Like Anna, I understood the meaning straight away — without the need for a rationale. Regardless of the specific typeface used, it’s the idea I appreciate.

Relevant, distinctive, and adaptable.

I don’t think it’s a bad design. I have to say that I also understood what it is talking about, but maybe because i’m a musician.
Well, that “t” is not something I like, but the overall impression I get, feels right.

I’m with David on this. I got the idea.

What does let it down I feel is the overall feel of the brand, the illustration styles etc feel at odds with one another, there are images in the equalizer, different styles of images etc. It doesn’t feel cohesive.

I’d expect a little bit more uniformity and continuity. The window idea going from 4 to 5 bars. The ‘t’ really does throw a loop into it as does the, like DAVE said, ‘i’. With or without the tittle.

Love the overall concept though of the equalizer.

I really liked it – minus that T of course.
It’s a hell of a lot stronger than the Initial Club Collective logo experiments anyways!

I think this work maybe needed a few more months maturing in the designers studio it feels to me like it is not quite finished yet, the “l” bras should be worked upon and the coolvetica is a gamble to use =)

Hahaha. You are right Ian, silly typo.

I like the use of Coolvetica loco, I thought it was a nice way to break away from using Helvetica and keeping it at the same time.

I really like the window idea, sucks that it didn’t go through…

I really like it. I feel the ‘t’ is an issue, its just to distracting from the equalizer. And I would have dot the ‘i’, simply because there is a bar the same size and width within the equalizer.

But its pretty cool and I can imagine the equalizer working well in motion.

I like the bars and got the meaning immediately, but I don’t like the font and think the poster is rather ghastly.

I don’t really get the connection with the images in the ‘window’ part, though – the last time I went to a club there weren’t many fish or lawns. I think this distracts from the idea of the equaliser.

I like the idea behind it, but not the implementation. I am with the masses on this one, the use of Coolvetica throws me completely. I would much rather see it with Helvetica, I believe it would make a big difference.


David, design is subjective, otherwise it would not exist in all the forms we see…
Colors and shapes, ideas and concepts…
We are different,
i did wrote my humble opinion, i believe those collective guys can do more and better…
your blog, your choice,
be careful, you are shaping opinions here trough moderation…
Good bye!

You make a very good point, Lee, Robert — there is a lack of cohesion across the various implementations.

Alin, like yours, my opinion is a humble one. What’s greatly appreciated in these comment threads is constructive criticism, where points of improvement are stated so that everyone can learn. For instance, rather than a commentator simply saying, “I don’t like it,” it’s more helpful for everyone to read why a commentator doesn’t approve. I’m being as careful as I know how, but I don’t profess to get it right. All the very best.

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