Combined logos

Via Ray Vellest.

Reminiscent of johnson banks’ logo mash-ups.

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January 10, 2012


Love Google Chrome/Simon. Hilarious.

Brings up some interesting thoughts about how logos have a semiotic family tree that can skew associations.
Also interesting how later references developed after the logo can skew the original logos – for example Mercedes star predates the peace sign, but now someone who didn’t know that might easily think the logo was a subtle reference to the peace sign.

This is a genius!

I love the various combinations. Star Wars / Wikipedia & Sonic / Drupal are my personal favourites. I enjoy learning about the traits & influences that certain logos can have over others and this is a great example of that.

Lol, google chrome. I bet that’s how they got their logo. Go Pikachu

I can just imagine the twitter creator painting his little babygirl’s room but got frustrated because it wasn’t coming out as he had hoped.
“Damn it”, as he kicked the blue paint bucket which defiled gravity as it zoomed through the window.

Looking down, he saw the splatter of blue rainbow over the pavement. “Rats. She’s gona shout again”
Turning to attend to the now increased task of cleaning the dreaded pavement, a drop of paint from the window frame tingled his skin causing a cool sensation that made him jump alittle as if bitten by an ant.

Staring at his hand, his eyes trailed down to his pants which were covered with funky patterns of blues. “This is just not my day”, he sighed.

Chirp, Chirp goes the birdie. “Oh shut your twit twit, you little chip” he exclaimed forcefully, releasing all frustration of his mishaps at the scared bird. The roar has stiffen his movement along with the blue paint all over its body. ‘Chirp’, the bird gave a faint sound as if to show its emotions.

(Writer’s note: For the sake of this little story, I shall call the man James. Any objections…… none?
Good. Shall we continue?)

James was startled by the blue shape sitting on the tree branch with a pair of moving small dot pinned to the front. Inching slowing to the window to get a better look at the object which has taken the shape of a bird, it chirped again, being pulled by gravity to the glorious rock hard abs of the floor. Catching the little bird, James pinged with a thought – ‘BIRDS’. “That’s what missing from the painting. Little dude, you just saved my life. Little big twits for my baby’s wall”.

TING, another idea. “I can call my website ‘Twit'”. He rushed down to the kitchen where his wife was making dinner, with the bird still in his hands
“You won’t believe it!”
Looking up and down at him with a raised eye-brow, “Yeah, I can” she said sarcastically. He looked at himself again, ‘Hmm’. “No no no, I finally thought of a name for my site – TWIT.COM, uh! uh!!”.
“Why don’t you just call it Twitter – sounds better”, she turned to attend to the roast pork in the oven.

“twitter, Twitter, TWITTER”, he exclaimed, raising the upbeat of each repeated word along with a resounding tempo. “Now why didn’t I think of it”.
“Coz you blue, that’s why”, she mimicked

And that my friends is how Twitter came to being. Good story huh. I know I know, bow to me, bow to me. lol

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