Organ donation logo

To design the corporate identity for an organ donation initiative. Since it was our only tool of communication, the design had to instantly convey the message of organ donation. Whatever we designed had to strike an emotional chord and subtly prompt people to open up to the idea.

Creative execution:
When you pledge an organ, you gift someone a new life. We simply brought this insight to life through our design.

Organ donation logo

Organ donation logo

Organ donation logo

Straight from the school of Bob Gill.

Seen on Ads of the World. By Dubai-based ad agency DDB. Via Brand New.


This is how I picture the whole “pound of flesh” business from the Merchant of Venice.

Seriously though, I´m all for levity, but this strikes me as a little too playful and nonchalant for such a serious topic. But then, that´s just my taste.

I think it’s a lovey concept actually. The gift of life. It’s immediately clear and to the point. My only criticism is that he looks slightly hesitant to give it away. I wonder should he be looking ahead rather than down to show he’s confident in his decision.

But i’m probably nitpicking!

Lovely stuff though.

I’ve seen this logo on a few other boards and I think it’s brilliant.

Adrian, I understand your opinion and respect it, but it felt (to me, at least) that the lightness here is an attribute. It is a very serious proposition for all involved. This felt like a nice touch. Again, imho…

Maybe I need to ‘lighten up’, but I agree with Adrian. I personally think it’s in quite poor taste for a subject as this.

Anyone who has seen the SNL skit with Justin Timberlake will instantly associate the two… You need to know your memes.

I really do like the cleverness, but Adrian + 1. Not for reasons of personal taste, mind you – I don’t think this design will solve the problem of getting people to sign up to be organ donors. I think that appeal requires more seriousness and urgency.

I love it. Organ donation is serious business, but it doesn’t mean we can’t approach it in a lighthearted way. The icon clearly reflects the beauty in the act of organ donation.

I’m not sure it is the best execution, but the idea is certainly smile-worthy. It’s a design I’d ask to be pushed just a little further, but I love the direction.

Thank you for sharing.

I love the concept, it’s very clever and is also well executed.

I’m not keen on the height of the design though. I can see this being quite the pain when it comes to integrating the design into marketing bits and bobs.

@David; I misunderstood the concept. I thought it was similar to the organ Doner system here in the UK, where we give permission for doctors to take out organs after death…

As an organ donor (I donated a kidney and we donated our son’s organs when he died in an accident), I think this design is wonderful. Yes, organ donation is a serious subject, but this does not in any way take away from the seriousness. Well done!

I really like it.
I wonder if you tried a more giving persona though. He looks like he’s a bit hesitant.
Perhaps make it more detached and less obvious by showing more of the giving? Like moving the gift away from the body and up and pointing his head upwards like he’s happy to be sharing. Just a tupenceworth.

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