It’s a walk-through of how the duo designed the identity for Kensington Quarters, a nearby restaurant and butcher shop.

Elements of the project included a business card, signage, t-shirt designs, social media icons, website graphics, hat patches, cheque presenters, labels for the shop, multiple murals on the inside of the building, and a style of illustration they can elaborate on in future.

Kensington Quarters, Philadelphia

  1. Introduction (embedded above), 2:24
  2. Overview, 2:51
  3. Narrative, 3:14
  4. Generating assets (part one), 2:58
  5. Generating assets (part two), 2:24
  6. Combining assets, 2:43
  7. Send off, 1:34

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True Hand, PhiladelphiaTrue Hand studio, Fishtown, Philadelphia

A little more from the True Hand portfolio.

True Hand, Philadelphia

True Hand, Philadelphia

True Hand, Philadelphia

There’s a fair bit in the videos I can relate to — little things like using my phone to take a photo of a pen sketch, emailing it to myself, then tracing it in Illustrator.

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Exactly what I do! Take a photo on my iPhone and email it to myself – it’s less accurate than my flatbed scanner but much quicker!

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