Following on from my previous LogoPond logo design feature, here are 10 more logos that have recently caught my eye.

Black Sparrow

Black Sparrow logo design

By AlexWende
“Proposal for Black Sparrow Manufacturing, it is a manufacturer of traditional home goods, primarily used in outdoor applications.”


Global Hue logo design

By spryte
“Logo design for a marketing communications agency in New York, NY. The client requested a design that was simple, elegant, but also different. I decided on the approach to use cursive handwriting.”


David logo design

By Davidoff

Sleep Records

Sleep Records logo design

By nima.jazireh
“Sleep Records Studio logo.”


Lords logo design

By JayKay
“Logo for an upmarket London estate agent.”

Electric Elephant

Electric Elephant logo design

By Mads Katholm
“An elephant, an elephant foot, and a chip – all in one. The “C” in ELECTRIC is the elepfants ear.”


Stinky's logo design

By Relevant
“Logo for a joke shop.”


Kingfish logo design

By Emil Hartvig
“Sushi / fish restaurant.”


cropd logo design

By JayKay
“Photo editing and sharing web site.”


French logo design

By firebrand
“An exhibition of French property at Birmingham NEC. A commision from Further.”

Which is your favourite?

Do any of these logos capture your logo design love?

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June 28, 2008


kingfish was an awfully clever way to go about designing a logo. it works really well, people get it instantly. i’m not sure it needs the line under kingfish, but all in all a job well done.

the cropd (and this is not the designers fault at all) makes me think of flickr. i mean do all photo websites need to lose the last vowel in their name? photobuck(e)t needs to get with the times. i like the approach on the cropd logo, but unfortunately i don’t thing the opacity outside the cropped area lends itself to a strong logo. it makes the already drab colored logo appear more so.

My favourite one on this list is definitely Kingfish—very clever.
I like the logo of the sparrow, but not crazy about the type treatment and choice on BlackSparrow.
David logo is not bad too, but without those unnecessary red triangles at the top.

Kingfish – I love it. Beautiful integration of the fish and the crown. I agree with Steve – I’m not sure about the line underneath, it seems to give emphasis to the “GF” in Kingfish when there’s no reason to do so.

I also like French Property Exhibition – the blue stripe in the tricoleur opening as a door as a great touch. Not so keen on the typographic style of it though.

I think I like Sleep Records but I’m wavering on that one – on first glance I read it as “sleep” but after looking at it for a second, it looked more like “sloop”. Still deciding.

I was going to say Blacksparrow, Sleep and cropd are my favourites. Although, I see where you guys are coming from in reference to the font and colour of Blacksparrow and cropd. I still think they’re well done though.

Kingfish is very clever and pretty cool. I think I didn’t immediately identify it as a fave because I don’t like the thin, even lines. They make it feel unfinished. As if it was a great idea, but quickly knocked together in Inkscape. I’d like to see some weight variation in there.


The BlackSparrow type works for me—the letter a, especially, is a lovely echo of the bird. I’m not sure about its appropriateness for its stated use but on aesthetics alone I do like it.

The David for Davidoff logo is very fun and pleasing, but I think I’m getting negative-space overload lately. I don’t know if I’m haunting the wrong places or if there really are too many being done right now?

I like Stinky’s silly logo a lot. Grabs me in just the way a joke shop’s logo should. It’s friendly and goofy and I can’t think a serious or critical thought about it without feeling stuffy and uncool. Good for Relevant.



I like the Kingfish logo the best, the line underneath is good – not emphasizing GF but I think emphasizing the symmetry.

Sleep Records… very clever!
Kingfish… also clever
Electric Elephant… didn’t really get it at first glance (hard to see the ‘elephant’ at first)

Overall, all of the logos here are really great!

I like them all for different reasons and because they are clean and simple designs. Most can be used full color, one color, really small or very large. I really love clean and simple when it is creative and effective and I think all of these qualify.

That being said I’m not personally a fan of Davidoff. Not a design style I go for. And where is the ‘off’ part of the name? And why the pink filler between the D and a. All other blocks of color are all or part of a letter except for that.

French Property Exhibition is a good logo, but not one I like because it is too perfect to the point of boring, if that makes sense. And, unlike the other logos, this one fails the black & white test.

Lastly, in the not crazy about list, is the Electric Elephant logo. I think it is perfect for the industry and the design is great, but it is not aesthetically pleasing to me. It is creative but not beautiful. And I find elephants very beautiful in life.

I like GlobalHue and Cropd the best all around. I understand what Steven is saying about the dropping of vowels in some words, but if the word lends to it, I think it works. In this case it does. The design shows cropping and the word itself is cropped. It works with Flikr because it ties in with the meaning of flicker – unsteady flame, light or movement.

All the rest are equally appropriate and clever for their industries and in design. Really nice selection David. Even the weak ones in this bunch really aren’t weak.



I kind of agree about the underline on the Kingfish logo. Regardless, excellent idea, well presented.


It’s a shame there’s no more detail about the ‘DAVID’ logo. I’m curious about the brief.


Interesting point about those red sections on the ‘DAVID’ design. I actually like the type treatment on the Black Sparrow logo, and think it helps tie the text to the mark.


I’m with you on the French Property Exhibition logo. Such a simple idea, and quite a welcoming effect.


Having read your comment, I can see how you might read ‘sloop’ instead of ‘sleep’, but I do think the latter is stronger. One of the viewer comments on LogoPond suggested the two crossbars on the ‘e’s be lowered, to closer resemble shut eyes. I wonder how that’d change things.


It would be interesting to see variations of the Kingfish logo. Definitely. For me, the idea is what makes the design.


I’ve also seen quite a lot of negative space designs. A lot don’t come off, but when they do, they can be incredibly effective, so I appreciate the effort designers put in. The Stinky’s logo is very fun – one of the reasons it caught my attention.

Bijay, Jack, Roberta,

Thanks very much for your thoughts.


The ‘DAVID’ logo is by Davidoff, and not for Davidoff, hence why you don’t see ‘off’ at the end. :) Glad you like the selection though, and thanks again for dropping in.

Hey David,

Thought I’d throw my two pennies worth in and say, that I had actually saved the Kingfish logo in my fav’s on logopond, as I felt the brandmark was cleverly conceived and not as overstated as it could have been, I thought the wordmark had the right tonality to it as well as being nicely balanced with the brandmark.
Overall it makes for a clear and consise logotype, and for me, is of a much higher standard than the others listed.

Perhaps the only thing it hasn’t got, is possibley that it is not a considerabley unusual logotype, unlike, say, the ‘Davidoff’ wordmark.

Saying that, although distictive, the Davidoff logo is probably distinctive in the same way the 2012 logo is distinctive. I don’t think it is executed as well as it could have been and it’s not really my cup of tea, but I appreciated the value of distinctiveness.

Apart from those logos, the French Property is a nice idea, but execution let’s it down slightly.

Anyway interesting to see logopond logos picked out and critted.


I am a big fan of the use of negative space, and I love the way it was used in the David and French Property logos. I also like Kingfish and Sleep Records – they’re playful and they both do a good job of illustrating their respective names. Actually, the Kingfish logo reminds me of another ‘crown’ logo I saw featured on LogoPond the other day: it was a a shot of pyramids made to look like a crown. I don’t remember the company’s name, but I think it was something like Royal Egypt Tours…

Black Sparrow, Sleep, Cropped, KingFish and French Property are my favs.

Note: I’m going for the ‘ah hah’ appeal over execution.

Everyone keeps talking about the use of negative space with the David logo (thanks for correcting my Davidoff mistake; shows I’m a skimmer when reading these things), but I don’t see it that way at all.

The only space that is truly negative is the pink area between the D and A (which I think the logo can do without), otherwise each block of color represents the letter in whole or in part. The orange skewed block represents the dot on the i, part of the A is part of the V and the color blocks for the Ds are too large to be negative space.

It is more of a creative use of type form rather than negative space. Am I way off the mark here? My understanding of negative space usage is like in the new Old Navy logo (hate it, by the way), X365 Software logo (love it), Ogden Plumbing (very cool), etc.

I think the KingFish logo is lovely but I’m not convinced it makes me think sushi…

My favourite is the French Property logo. It’s clever, it’s balanced, it feels welcoming. I can see it doesn’t work in B&W but my guess is it will never need to.

Trish, I don’t think that Pink big is negative, that’s why it’s there. It’s the side of the D extending backwards, as all the letters extend back and are obscured by each other.
I guess the negative space thing is that the sides and insides of the letters are the only bits represented, not the front…

Now that I’ve looked closer at this one, I like it.

Yeah, you are right, I just wasn’t seeing it. And you are right that after a closer look it is pretty darn ingenious. I’m impressed now because what I was seeing before worked pretty good, if not something I particularly liked. And now that I see the white space for what it is, I see they manipulated the negative space as, I believe, perspective, giving it a subtle 3-D effect as well.

I am totally guilty of skimming these logos because I am so busy. Haste makes you stumble because you don’t take time to look where you are placing your feet.


Bob, Gio, Cat,

Thanks for offering your thoughts. :)


No worries at all about you skimming the post. I’m glad you visit and join the discussion.


I think you’re right how the French Exhbition logo will probably never be shown in black only. For the Kingfish logo, Bob’s right, it’s for a sushi / fish restaurant.


I’d love to know more about the ‘DAVID’ logo, and see a little of the development. With so few details about it on LogoPond, makes me wonder.

Two of these logos really caught my eye.

The first is the logo for Black Sparrow. That logo conveys the outdoor use of the vendors products in a very clean, easy-on-the-eyes, fashion. I personally find logos that can effectively convey the company in a single color (black) to be most effective for all applications.

The second is the logo for KingFish. I’ve done work for several sushi restaurants and the application of the fish into the crown for this client is perfect. I hope the client felt the same way. It’s effective and draws the eye to the details.

The one that I’m not crazy about is the sleep logo. I see the closed eyes idea in the logo, but I think someone unfamiliar with the company might see sloop instead of sleep.

Overall, great work as always!


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