Dresden eDition

Dresden eDition identity

Dresden eDition is a collection of merchandise for Dresden Information — the German city’s official provider of tourist info.

Dresden eDition identity

The design of the collection is based on ground plans of Dresden’s historic buildings, and was developed by creative agency Avantgarde.

Dresden eDition identityGlaserne manufaktur

Dresden eDition identityAlbertinum

Dresden eDition identityHofkirche

Dresden eDition identityZwinger

Dresden eDition identityGemaldegalerie alte meister

Dresden eDition identityWeisse Flotte

Dresden eDition identityFrauenkirche

Dresden eDition identitySemperoper

Dresden eDition identityResidenzschloss

Dresden eDition identityKreuzkirche

Dresden eDition identityStadion Dresden

Dresden eDition identityKulturpalast

The merchandise range includes the typical postcards, mugs, and canvas bags, as well as some unusual bits like a stone collection made from local serpentine.

Dresden eDition identity

Dresden eDition identity

Dresden eDition identity

Dresden eDition identity

Dresden eDition identity

More from Avantgarde.

8 responses

  1. This is so good. It’s remarkable that they were able to make D’s out of blueprints for so many different buildings, that probably didn’t have that in mind when they were built. I hope I can see this swanky place someday.

  2. Absolutely amazing. Definetely a potential award winner this year. Good to see such nice things emerge from Dresden, not only Pegida blokes.

  3. I really like the idea of finding beauty and design in something that exists in the real world. It feels really firmly anchored in the identity of what you are representing. Good job!

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