The cattle-herding at boarding isn’t ideal, but love it or loathe it, easyJet has one of the most distinctive identities of all airlines.

easyJet liveryeasyJet livery photo by Christopher Doyle

easyGroup logo

“Our visual identity, known as the ‘Getup’, is an essential part of the easyJet Brand Licence and is cast in stone!

“It is defined as: (a) white lettering on an orange background (Pantone 021c on glossy print materials; on other surfaces the nearest practicable equivalent) and (b) in Cooper Black font (not bold, italics, outline nor underlined), the word “easy” in lower case, followed (without space) by another word, only the initial letter of which is capitalised.”

easyGroup colour

easyGroup fonts

Excerpted from easyGroup’s brand manual (link downloads a PDF).

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September 12, 2011


The only company that I am comfortable seeing use Cooper Black is Payless Shoesource. This just feels completely out of place.

@cherie I understand where your coming from. It is not the first letter of choice that comes to mind when designing an identity for an airline. But as easyJet is a lowbudget airline I think Cooper Black is a good choice.

I dunno. I don’t think it would have been my first choice. I guess it’s ok considering it’s a low-budget line, but at least they could have taken a little more care in the kerning of “easy J et” in the brand manual.

I`m starting to think that Cooper Black is turning itself into the new Comic Sans. Where I`m from, businesses ranging from pastry to security companies use this typeface in their identity. I loved Cooper Std from the moment i saw it on my canvas in Photoshop, but today, i feel that it is used so improperly and i don`t know why, but I`m beginning to hate it.

What do you think David, is Cooper Black suitable for an Airline company or for Circus posters and Tootsie Rolls?

Spied that, too, Shaun. Sloppy.

Dragos, I think for what easyJet tries to be, it’s appropriate. Warm, friendly, reassuring. It’s one of those typefaces that’s stronger shown large than small. So it’s better when used as a wordmark on the side of a plane than for any type of body text (hence the Futura Book). I wouldn’t say it’s appropriate for a higher class of airline, though.

It’s entirely appropriate for Easyjet. Confident, loud, simple, makes the most of the names which is the most distinctive element. I don’t love it’s but it’s entirely right.

I love the simplicity of the brand and how solid the identity is, making it a really ‘easy’ brand guideline to follow. Of all aeroplanes, easyJet is one of the most identifiable.

The overall feeling of the brand and manual appears to me as loud and amateurish. It reminds me of the UK TV show “Come fly with me”. I had to laugh a bit when I saw what the “serial entrepreneur” of easyJet looked like, and his resemblance to the character on the TV show.

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