Elephant Books logo

Designed by Paul Palmer-Edwards of London-based Grade, I was told it was one of those eureka moments, done quickly without much else to show (not that anything else is needed).


Love it- simplicity is where it’s at. Love those eureka moments when the right logo just hits you. Amazing how just a few well chosen curves suggests the full head of the elephant. Will scale down beautifully too. Jealous!

It resembles very much the letter פ (P = “pey”) in the Hebrew alphabet. Even the point inside is traditionally used to make clear it is not pronounced as F = “fey”. The only thing that makes it different from this letter is that it is mirrored. Someone acquainted to the language would always first see it as a reference to the letter, and not to an elephant-shaped letter “e”…

Indeed simple and perfect to me. Jealous too. A pity that Grade wasn’t asked for designing (or at least templating) the elephantbookcompany.com website (apparently). They should use its force and build some brand identity around it.

We’ve had a similar logo in Edmonton for nearly thirty years. It was just replaced in 2012. I think ours was much nicer – the line work and how the ear completes the letter ‘e’ for Edmonton of course. Designed by Wei Yew. http://listofzoos.com/Valley+Zoo

Accomplishes its purpose with elegance. Would be nice to see it used in printed/digital work (so much potential), but unfortunately, after looking at the website, it stops short. Nonetheless, still great work.

And although the stroke-weight variation really gives it a “tusk” feeling, Wei Yew’s design for Edmonton Zoo does look dated. They already have a new, rather poorly designed logo to prove it!


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