Born Peretz Rosenbaum in Brooklyn, NY, Paul Rand launched his career in the 1930s with magazine cover design.

Ad Magazine cover design by Paul Rand
AD magazine, volume 7, 1939, cover design by Paul Rand

Idea magazine cover design by Paul Rand
Idea: International Advertising Art magazine, volume 2, 1955, cover design by Paul Rand

Dada Painters and Poets cover design by Paul Rand
The Dada Painters and Poets book, 1967, cover design by Paul Rand

It was during the 1950s and beyond that garnered Rand some of his most recognisable design work, developing logos for leading American corporations such as IBM, ABC, UPS, and later Steve Jobs’ short-lived but visually acclaimed NeXT project.

NeXT logo presentation

Illustrated through 150 pieces of his work, ​the exhibition will run until Sunday, July 19, 2015.


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March 23, 2015


This statement, everything is design makes so much sense to me. From planning out an ad flier for your high school band’s concert, to writing an email, ‘designing’ for the desired effect is at the heart of it.

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