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Included in the critique, amongst others, are designs for Digg, Trip Advisor, Firefox, and Craigslist. I found myself agreeing with much of what Armin had to say, and think we share quite a similar design taste.

Trip Advisor logo design

Chris Campbell said…

“The owl is a little bit cliché, though a well-done cliché. The red and green work with stop and go. Trip Advisor is already a descriptive name, so the owl gives us positive emotional associations which add to the logo.”

Jocelyn Dimsey…

“The owl is a very intuitive and quick icon. The nose and ears are pointing in different directions, while the eyes are very graphic, narrowing in and targeting the places you might want to go to, or maybe representing wheels or movement on the go.”

Armin Vit…

“There’s something off about the eyes of the owl. He looks like he’s on drugs or that he’ll jump out of the browser. It’s a little graphic. The eyes are too googly.”

Richard Westendorf…

“I love the idea that from the owl I can get wisdom, and I can trust them, but there’s a bit of fancy or fun. Travel is about fun and adventure, and this image connects to that sentiment very well.”

David Airey…

“Yep. Owl on drugs.”

Read all the critiques over on BusinessWeek.

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August 21, 2009


Ever considered doing a 37signals style fireside chat series here. I’d love to see stuff like this on a regular basis – it’s awesome to get insights from professionals in this casual way. I suspect you have enough kudos in the logo community to pull this off now?

I’d never paid much attention to the Trip Advisor logo before but yes, the owl does look like he’s been taking his own advice, heading to some of Ibiza’s best hotels and partaking in some of it’s ‘delights’.

I have to say, of the 7 critiqued, I feel the majority of them aren’t great though I’m unsure as to why these particular logos were chosen. I really dislike Craigslist, Brooklyn and King Arthur, and I’m not a fan of the typography of Blue Nile. The others are fairly good, with POM being the stand-out for me.

I’d love to see someone attempt a single colour version of the Firefox logo though…

Rather you than me, Andrew.

Peter, that’s a nice idea. One I’d like to follow-through on. *thinking*

Martin, I was wondering why those designs were chosen, too. From the bunch, I particularly liked reading different thoughts about the Firefox logo. I never liked it all that much, seeing it more as a vector illustration, but that’s nothing against the majority of work from Hicks Design. I have a lot of respect there.

A single color Firefox logo. like Martin is suggesting, would be great. How about a contest? ;) I’m surprised that no one mentioned how atrocious the kerning is in the Brooklyn Brewery logo. Type on a curve does get tricky, but this one is so inconsistent. Also, Copperplate Gothic is pretty much as played out as Papyrus – not a good font choice for a logo.

I have seen prettier owl logos but I guess it communicates something. I think it is the red eye that is a little too strong as the red provides the highest level of contrast of colour in the design. Maybe the owl just needs toning down a little by removing the red even though it does have meaning. I think sometimes too many concepts in one design make it difficult to make a design attractive. I would bet that the design looks better in black and white.

Overall I like the logo. I would have gone with the “owl” portion of the logo being all black and white and removing the stoplight meaning in the eyes. I agree with Matty that too many concepts in one design can become unattractive, The different color eyes is a bit distracting but maybe I am being overly critical.

I find myself agreeing with Armin Vit’s opinions a lot as well. I am reading a book written by he and Bryony Gomez-Palacio called “Graphic Design Referenced”. It’s an excellent book and I’m planning on making a blog post about it soon.

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