Sony logo Copperplate

“What if every designer defaulted to those ubiquitous, standard fonts that we all find stock on our computers?

“Thank a type designer who doesn’t settle for just “standard” but knows how to choose, create, or modify an existing typeface to be a memorable and expressive brand mark.”

More logos here on Adam Ladd’s website.

Via Noah Brier on Twitter.


October 5, 2011


Funny thought :)
Though Egyptienne, Clarendon or similar would’ve looked more like SONY’s logotype as Bodoni would have for GAP’s

@Chris: Thanks for the comment :) The reason I didn’t use fonts like Clarendon or Bodoni is because they are not “stock” fonts that come with computers and software typically.

The contrast to be made is between those standard stock fonts (e.g. Eurostile; Copperplate) to a refined, custom solution by a skilled type/logotype designer.


It’s kind of paradoxal because if you think right the “generic” typefaces are the most sucessfull type designs. And off course they are the work of very capable type designers. This article shows a very subjective point of view.

Lets be honest though, nice as they are it’s only designers like ourselves who can see the difference. Most of the big brand’s customers wouldn’t notice or for that matter care. It’s not just the man in the street either, earlier this week I found myself trying to educate a client about the differences between good and bad photography but I know they don’t get it.

@David Buchanan

You are so true, try to explain to a client why they shouldn’t settle for Verdana (because that comes with their pc) but should go for a more sophisticated, more exclusive, type… Designing is a specialty, we notice these changes in the logo’s, 99% of the world will not.

Good article though!

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