Nike logo in Comic Sans

Harley Davidson logo in Comic Sans

Coca Cola logo in Comic Sans

View more on Oleg’s Behance page.


It’s not a new transformation, though. Paris-based duo Florian Amoneau and Thomas White of We Are Cephalization launched the Comic Sans Project 10 months ago.

Subway logo in Comic Sans

“We are the Comic Sans defenders. We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans. Because Helvetica is so 2011.”

Star Wars logo in Comic Sans

Levi's logo in Comic Sans

Lots more here.

Just a bit of Friday fun.

While on the subject, here’s the perfect example of when not to use Comic Sans.


An interesting project although it has left a bit of sick in my mouth. My girlfriend’s kids have it on their school reports. I can just about handle that, being fit for purpose. Like most designers the font can jump upon you when you least expect it and usually in the most inappropriate use.

I wonder what the most successful brand is to use the font????

Odd to see how legit these actually look. Not legit as in good, but as in similar, and worse, exists in the real world. Which of course mean that there are both designers and clients that approve of such nonsense.

Iain, I’m with you!! lol

Really though… when I started in graphic design there were precious few fonts to choose from, and Comic Sans had its place in cartoon bubbles etc. But today, with tens of thousands of fonts available and new ones popping up every day I find that Helvitica, Arial, Times New Roman, and Comic Sans and even Gill Sans, are the lazy man’s choice and far too common. I’d love to see a braver typographical movement in graphic design (just not so brave as the London Olympics… lol).

Iain I agree, haha!

I’m no fan of Comic Sans and do prefer the original logos, but none-the-less find this a very interesting project.

Total comic sans hater, but this is funny, good to see sense of humor in design. The Coca-Cola one looks better than the infamous Pepsi redesign, lol.

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