McDonalds golden arches

Human behaviour researchers Chen-Bo Zhong and Sanford Devoe have found that subliminal exposure to fast food symbols, such as McDonalds’ golden arches, induces haste and impatience.

“Just thinking about these foods can boost our preferences for time-saving goods and even nudge us towards financial decisions that value immediate gains over future returns. Fast food, it seems, is very appropriately named.”

More information about the study on ScienceBlogs. Via @TheLogoFactory.

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March 24, 2010


‘fast food symbols, such as McDonalds’ golden arches, induces haste and impatience’

We have our own version of your golden arches haste and impatience. In SE Asian countries, there is not much haste evident in McD’s local staff, resulting in impatience from expectant customers.


This is quite a compelling thought. However, I am not so sure about the image. It was speculated that winds caused the structure to fall, correct? Does it have anything to do with the study? For a moment I thought somebody had crashed into the sign.

As designers we have a responsibility to society; our work –particularly in public service design and advertising– can essentially determine human thoughts, actions and behavioral patterns. In 1996 there was a terrible fire in Dusseldorf Airport, after an investigation it was found that if there were bigger and clearer exit signs it is possible that more people would have survived. I may be going off the point, but design, by its reason for existing, can only but affects human processes.

Nice, Cat. I remember eating in a McDonalds on Khaosan Road, many moons ago. I’m not sure why I remember the experience. It was about as memorable as any other trip to a fast food joint.

Youssef, the image is my unsuccessful attempt at a humorous link between the study and when a couple’s car was crushed by the arches.

This is something really interesting. I have never thought that fast food logo can induce haste and impatience. Personally I wouldn’t agree as I would like to think that it would not have any effects on me (consciously not but maybe subconsciously).

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