The new Fiji Airways logo and visual identity was created by a local artist and based on traditional Masi artwork. It was put in place after Fijian airline Air Pacific rebranded.

Fiji Airways plane
Photo via Fiji Airways

The airline worked with Fijian Masi artist Makereta Matmosi to develop the Masi symbol for the freshly-named airline.

Fiji Airways masi

Fiji Airways masi

Fiji Airways masi

Fiji Airways masi

Fiji Airways masi

Fiji Airways masi

Fiji Airways symbol inspiration

Makereta Makmosi

“The circle has four crosses in the corners that indicate interconnection, like Fiji Airways connects people to the island.”
— Makereta Makmosi

There’s a press release on the Fiji Airways media section for more details (update: no longer available, sorry).

Fiji Airways logo

Fiji Airways logo

The new livery and interiors will be unveiled on October 10th, Fiji Day.

It’s the handcrafting that makes it for me (and how it’s not a bird in a circle).

First seen on Design Week, via Blair Thomson.


The local connection to the design is great. Can anyone tell which font is being used (or has it been created especially for the new identity?).

Definitely not Gotham. The ‘S’ is shaped to have horizontal finals, unlike Gotham, and the eye of the ‘R’ is too square to be Gotham as well.

I really like this. it’s so refreshing to see a little bit of reality left in a corporate identity.

I love this!

And I believe the font used is a original one and very unique, just like Fiji!

Amazing symbolisms and can’t wait to hop of (FINALLY) FIJI AIRWAYS bound for the motherland.

Terrible, looks like a cliche African safari company branding. And the brown colour does nothing to evoke feelings of travelling in the Pacific. Bland and boring.

It’s supposed be to something that represents us Fijians. The logo is a masi design, that’s why it has that brown colour. You obviously know nothing about our culture.

I think this is great – really brave of them to try something so far removed from the usual style of airline branding. Will be interested to see how they implement it across the planes and interiors etc.

Has a nice boutique feel to it. Not sure that’s a great thing for an airline though. Depends.

Reminds me of a logo you’d find on a vintage matchbox.

‘Airways’ seems a bit tacked on in my opinion.

I’m with Jared on this one. Don’t think the circle and typeface add anything to each other.
It’s like whoever arranged the typeface had decided what they wanted to do before even seeing what Matmosi created.
I do applaud their boldness, though. Says good things about a company.

The logo is great. It’s nice to see a corporation using artwork that is relevant to their location. Echoing the above comments, I’m not crazy about the typeface.

I like this and can see how the brand might be developed in a myriad of interesting ways…but I’m not sure about the ‘airways’ stuck underneath. It throws everything off balance for me and drives a wedge between the name and the symbol. Might have been inclined to try and find a formal typeface and balance it centred underneath – or drop it altogether.

Its a design that truly potrays the Fijian cultute, its unique and has a lot of good meanings for us Fijians. From anywhere in the world that design creates a connectivity back to Fiji. I just cant wait to see the new planes with this logo.

I like this new image for our airline, thanks Mr Dave. May God bless our beautiful country and here’s to the Bainimarama Government for the assistance. This would really stand out.

It’s all about our Fijian DNA (Noda Kau Tabu). I was overwhelmed with uncontrolable emotions that I haven’t felt for a long time. I was (and still am) very proud to be a Fijian who has lived overseas for a long time (40 years).

I am involved in the Travel industry. It’s about time we have an airline with the name FIJIAN on it.

We have a Fijian Cultural group here in Vancouver, Canada. We would like to be involved in any Traditional Welcome and Yaqona Ceremony here.

Checking in from L.A., and I must say that is awesome. I sure hope to visit Fiji in the very near future.

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