Red Dot Studio in London were tasked with the naming and identity creation for a new range of taps. The 5-in-1 taps flip between delivering hot, cold, filtered, sparkling, and boiling water, so the name Flipper was coined to articulate versatility. The Flipper Taps logo combines the letter F with the shape of the tap (and a plus symbol, because “more”). It’s the type of design that, in my experience, often takes considerably more persuasion when it comes to achieving client consensus than it would with a more detailed logo. A nice touch with the positioning of the trademark symbol, too.

The F monogram is the primary identity element, showcased on stationery, packaging, communications, and engraved as a hallmark on products.

Congratulations to all involved for winning a D&AD pencil. Here’s to the next one.

Creative director: Sam Lachlan, Christian Eager
Designer: Angus Meikle
Senior visualiser: Tim Stayne
Photographer: Anna Lachlan

More creative designs in the archives with this small sampling of Woody Pirtle logos.


Love and hate. It’s form really fusing function, and then it feels “too functional”, with the “f” growing aggressively tall. I’d prefer matching the faucet but less literally.

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