You’ve still not been sent those sponsor logos and you’re asked if you can just lift them off their websites. That’s where the following resources for vector logos come in.

Brands of the World

Brands of the World

Don’t be fooled by the flashing ads and AdSense (kind of off-putting) because there are many vector logos available for download. Priority is put on the search feature, but you can also list available logos by letter (lower down in the left sidebar).

A very mininal site, which I like (apart from the yellow text on a dark blue background). Not too much advertising, either. Available in English and Russian, there are currently just shy of 5,000 vector logos to download for free. Listed by name only, but you have the option to preview the design before downloading a ZIP.

La Logoteca


There are more than 5,000 logos on this Spanish site, listed alphabetically, but no preview option. The files are available for download in compressed SIT format, so you’ll need a program like Stuffit.

Not the largest selection, and at the time of writing, the preview tool isn’t working, so you can’t view before downloading a ZIP. According to the site, all logotypes are in the AI and EPS format.


A French website, with sections in English (including the vector downloads resource). Currently over 12,000 vector logos available for download, and you’ll want to use the ‘Vectorial Logotheque’ section, which is on the right at the top of the page.

Update: 23 May 2010
Webchantier also has a “logos bank” where the vector files are categorised by letter combinations (e.g., A-AAO, AAP-ABB, etc.).

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February 6, 2008


Jermayn, these few thousand vector files clearly won’t cover the millions of companies in existence, but they’re worth checking for the main corporations. There have been a couple of projects I’ve worked on where logos are needed for sponsors, so even though my clients mightn’t include Fortune 500’s, it’s useful to have a resource that stocks their identity files.

Great resource, David. Thank you. Do you also know where I can find a vectorization tool or plugin to add to my AI program? I need to vectorize some logos for my clients and I am sure that there is a simpler solution than doing them by hand all over again.

Hi Mig,

You know, I’m not familiar with such a tool / plugin, but I’ll have a quick search and if I see anything I’ll be sure to get in touch. Should you find what you’re looking for please do let me know.

I like your blog David, I will try to check it often. About vecotorize logos, Illustrator CS2 (i supouse 3 too) has that tool, isn’t it? I don’t have it but i prove it once. Now the best is do it by hand all over again.

I have just the thing you guys are looking for. One of those rare gems you find on the web:

It’s called Vector Magic, developed by some people over at Stanford. It’s an online app, so you upload your bitmap images, click on some options, and in a few seconds you have a shiny new EPS ready to download.

The results are amazing, way better than Adobe’s LiveTrace (check out the comparison page). Did I mention it’s free?

You can thank me later :)

Vector Magic, nice, It can help sometimes, I supouse we have always to do some changes even with freehand or illustrator vectorizing tool.
Thanks for the link by the way I will use it.

Interesting websites, but the logotypes are in Bezier format, which is the evolution of Vector. Technically speaking, a vector logo only contains straight lines, whereas the logos downloaded here contain curves, known as Bezier object graphics.

Whenever a client ask us to insert a comapny logo as a competitor or a partner and of course they never can supply high res, i go to brans of the, 80% of the time i found what i need.

thanks for these. very helpful.

I was wondering if I could get similar websites to find all logos. It’s of great help. Thank you, but…

…doesn’t work.

A site like is not updated.

I have, since apx. 10 years back, used a Sony logo for a soccer stadium, but it was an outdated one (hard to see if you don’t know it).

I hope someone will update the logos some day. :-)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Brands of the World site! I have it saved on my web browser toolbar! I think every designer should know about it, so thanks for sharing it! As a print designer, I use it often! I’ll have to check the others too. I think back to my painful days of re-creating vector logos for screenprinting….

I knew about BOTW, but the rest are new to me. Thanks David, for sharing, and thanks to everyone else that added additional resources. I’ll be sure to take note!

If after visiting these sites you’re still stuck, a company’s logo in vector format can often be ripped from a PDF on their website (such as a Report and Accounts or newsletter).

Simply import the PDF into Illustrator, navigate to the correct page, delete all the gubbins you don’t need and you’re in business. If the PDF has been correctly formatted, you’ll also get the correct Pantone / CMYK values too!

Sometimes the logo is embedded in the PDF in pixel rather than vector format but that doesn’t happen too often, I’ve had around an 85% success rate using this technique over the past few years.

Cracking! iStock are supposed to be selling one off logo licences soon too. It will be interesting to see how they operate this without embedded fonts etc.

I work in the sign and custom graphics business and I need vector logos on a daily basis. You can actually purchase books that come with dvds full of corporate logos. This helps greatly, but still sometimes logos can be very hard to find. is by far the best source, and there logos have been updated for about two years now. You can find almost anything there, but when you can’t find a logo at these sites, what do you do? Well, you can either manually redraw these in vector software or you can keep looking.

I actually have a few hard to find logos posted up on my site for free download. You can even email me at with a request. I don’t charge money for my services, I will just find the logo that you can’t find and post it up for free download to anyone who wants it! So, happy logo hunting and shoot me an email.

By the way, Logo Design Love is awesome! You need to buy his book, I did and my understanding of logo creation has been clarified and I reference the book every time before I start a logo project. It’s dirt cheap, and a good read.

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