Freedom from The Chase

Freedom Travel Group logo

Designer Jens Wickelgren of The Chase takes credit for the gold winner at last years Fresh Awards. The execution shown on the Freedom website is slightly different.

Freedom Travel Group logo

The lack of space between the logotype on the site and the off-cut “bird” makes it seem less like “Freedom” and more like a mistake. I also can’t imagine that Wickelgren wanted the “Travel Group” text treated like an afterthought.

A great logotype idea, sadly not done justice online. Reminds me of the Guild of Food Writers logo by 300million.

Tip from Blair Thomson of Believe In.

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  1. It seems like the client changed the team who was dealing with their marketing, and asked somebody from the accounting office to take care of the website…

  2. The web format takes up only slightly less real estate so makes you wonder why it was changed… maybe it was supposed to be animated an somebody forgot to finish…

  3. I agree with all other comments, the modification to the site version of the logo takes away from the affect. Great logo though, very simple and easily understood.

  4. It’s a great idea. No doubt someone else did the website on the cheap. Bu tit’s still a great idea, well executed by one of the UK’s best idea based design agencies.

  5. Great idea for the logo. Ugly website. The two elements couldn’t be further away from each other. A classic case of the client not getting to grips with and understanding the value of the brand and it’s brandmark.

  6. I agree with the previous comments but I’d suggest it’s the client rather than the web designer that’s changed the logo. I suspect the client has had a wee crisis of confidence over legibility. Probably their Financial Controller coming in on the final meeting and throwing his bag of spanners into the works.

  7. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the website, it’s horrendous. But I have to agree, I love the concept behind the logo, just wish it was executed better.

    Still can’t believe that website!

  8. That’s just sad. Such a wonderful beginning but the ending was not executed well. I agree with the other comments seems like they decided go on the cheap side for the web design

  9. Funny that the logo is cut off, and I go agree that its kind of symbolizing half freedom with a stuck feeling.

    Really not good to see that the logo is different on the website.

  10. I can almost imagine it being further away in the original concept, and then the client saying (not completely invalidly) “But can it be read as the letter M?”

    Then the designer being forced to push it closer. I can see that the issue of distance is a difficult decision to make in this case. Design v’s readability.

  11. It definitely takes away from the magic and the “clever bird” turns into a cut off “m”.

    Also, won’t the tabs, like “home” overlap the (un-butchered) logo?

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