Launched in the UK in 2002, Freeview is a subscription-free TV service delivered through an aerial that offers more than 60 TV channels and more than 25 radio stations.

Freeview is managed by DTV Services Ltd, a company owned and run by its five shareholders: BBC, BSkyB, Channel 4, ITV and Arqiva, and is reported to be in 10.5 million homes.

Freeview logo 2002
Original 2002 Freeview logo, by Lambie-Nairn

Freeview logo 2006
2006 refinement

Dervla O’Shea from London-based DixonBaxi got in touch to share the agency’s work on Freeview’s new logo and identity.

Freeview logo 2015
2015 design by DixonBaxi

“The new logo retains the red heritage of the brand, but has been completely redesigned with added dimension — an angular form that suggests agility, choice and a sense of fun. Its vibrant colour has a lightness of spirit and innate sense of energy, yet feels human and engaging.”

Freeview identity

The rebrand is to coincide with a new service — Freeview Play — which will bring catch-up TV to the current offering.

Freeview Play logo 2015

Freeview symbol

The palette is particularly nice on black.

Freeview symbol

Press release on the Freeview website.

View more work from DixonBaxi.

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February 12, 2015


I love the combined F and V logo and the palette makes me want to jump right in. Now sitting next to the old versions makes them look like supermarket logos.

Same here, Martin, not a fan. I often wonder if this is the last decision to be made, it’s equally important. I like the capital ‘F’ though.

That’s pretty damn cool. When I was younger, people were afraid to make logos with detailed gradients like this.

The old colorful Apple logo was designed with more than 2 colors to make a POINT about their full-color display.

Don’t see the point. Freeview is not just a brand, it is a kind of technical standard to a lot of people (DVB-T for the UK). This means that set-top boxes and TVs sold with the old logo will look out of date instantly, thus adding to the WEEE waste mountain. They don’t change the Blueray, DVD or CD player logo, so why the Freeview logo?

The Freeview logo was very recognisable in set top box packaging and made spotting a compatible box easy.

I appreciate good design but I suppose the hipsters on here would like to redesign the road sign symbols every few years to follow the latest trend.

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