Michael Gross, an art director and associate producer on the film, worked with one of his artists, Brent Boates, to generate an image that would get the idea of the film across without actually using a title.

Their effort to design an instantly recognisable, generically familiar ghost was almost too successful. Harvey Comics, who published Casper at the time, claimed that the logo was too close to their bad-tempered bully character Fatso, and later sued Columbia. “There are only so many ways you can draw a cartoon ghost,” said Gross of the controversy, which was settled out of court.

Here’s the 1984 trailer.

Brought it all back.

Let’s not mention the sequels.

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I got both of the Ghostbuster movies on DVD for Christmas a couple of years ago. The pack included a booklet containing early sketches and storyboards for the movies. It also included some sketches of the design process for the famous Ghostbuster logo. Very cool stuff.

MAN I remember when this movie came out…as a kid I went nuts over it with toys, the theme song constantly playing in my parent’s cassette deck…just great.

I recently watched the original one again, and laughed at all the adult humor too…I never realized the whole “KeyMaster” and “Gatekeeper” reference as a child.

Iconic logo, and an iconic movie!

Wow!! great film. We were a lucky men because we lived the best decade to be a child, the 80’s, with Gremlins, The Goonies, Ghostbusters… et caetera… I’m the man that I am because this kind of films (and sorry for my poor english, I’m a spanish fan of your website).

I’ve always loved Ghostbusters, although I never had any of the figures, I don’t even remember them being on sale! Where on earth did you get them?

The logo is great, although the one for Ghostbusters Two was far too cheesy.

I’d love to see those sketches, Jason. Sounds like a great pack.

It’s been so long since I watched it, Victor. I’m sure there are some laughs I didn’t quite get. Murray’s a favourite actor, and Akroyd’s great in Dragnet and the original Blues Brothers.

Ah, Ruben, The Gremlins is another that disturbed my sleep.

From what I remember, Ian, figures and accessories were in loads of toy shops. But it was more than 20 years ago, so I could be mistaken.

The Ghostbuster toys have always had place in my heart, I remember being so excited when i got the Ghost Trap for my Proton Pack that I broke the handle when opening the packaging on Christmas Morning!!

The Logo is iconic, but has it bothered anyone else that the “No” sign is reflected? I know it still reads, but it’s always bothered me a bit.

@Matt I didn’t realize it was backwards until you mentioned it….and now I’m thinking…why didn’t they just flip the ghost to keep it consistent? I wonder why they decided on that…

@David Watch it again! Bill Murray’s sarcasm is perfect in this film. And I haven’t seen Dragnet, maybe I should go rent it. Remember: when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES

The first time I visited New York, I walked past the old Ghostbusters FireStation building, which was all abandoned at the time. Does anyone else seen it?

The film’s a classic no-doubt, but the GB logo is an icon in itself…

That is a well-loved movie. I was lucky enough to work professionally as a Ghostbuster (at Universal Studios Florida), and even though the film (at that time) was nearly 20 years old, the enthusiasm from the general public was always high.

And as for the logo, I’ve always loved it. It’s an easy get, it’s timeless, and it’s simple. And I believe that crew of scientists would hire somebody who would come up with that concept/execution.

I’ve always wondered…
Shouldn’t the ban-sign-stroke cross the ghost in the other direction? I mean, I was always told that this kind of sign was a synthesis of the word NO, being the crossing stroke an N over an O.

Sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina.

Was Ecto 2 the yellow open top beetle? I had that and Ecto 1 (but being a VW fan the beetle was definitely my favourite!). I also had a Slimer toy that came with some ecto-plasm which when you hit a button it came out his mouth! Awesome!

I’ve not, Andrew, but would love to walk around the inside.

Steve, it was a kind of micro-light. I think there was a trigger at the back that rotated the blades. Not as good as the classic hearse.

A few thoughts…

I was driving myself to see this movie when it came out. Thanks for making me feel the pain of age, David.

Who remembers the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by the creators of the Casper franchise? (Suit dropped in 1986)

And get ready, because most, if not all of the crew are getting back together to make Ghostbusters III.

“Listen… do you smell something?”

I LOVE the 80’s. We went for a family outing in 84 to see Ghostbusters at Leigh Canon cinema, queued up the alley and couldn’t get in, no room, I was properly gutted.

I’ve got 2 Stay Puffed figures at my mums house too which are ace.

Logo is immense too. Fact.

Great logo, and more than just a movie. I saw a Mr Stay Puft toy hanging in someones window as I walked down the street the other day. This movie has had such an impact, and that was 84. Its now 2013. Wow. Even my 9 year old nephew knows this movie and logo. Im assuming its mainly because the video games and toys have maintained interest throughout the last couple of decades..

Aykroyd and Ramis just need to write a great script, and no one will care if GB3 is ‘just a remake’ with young actors, re-labelled as a sequel with a few short original cast cameos to please old fans. Will we soon see non stop 80s movies recreated poorly, despite some great sfx, just to please a new generation?.. (see Total Recall) :) ps By todays standards, I believe even Ghostbusters 2 stands out-more ideas in there than many movies of today, but I do agree I wasnt so keen on the logo. Good soundtrack though.

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