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How the Google Chrome logo was made, from 9GAG. (Google Chrome is a new web browser for Windows. Has anyone out there given it a shot? The Mac version is apparently in development.)

I found this brief advert for Chrome, via creativebits.

A great piece of digital graphics, no doubt, but am I the only one who finds this video creepy? It’s like some corporate robot trained to spy on us, which doesn’t give an impression I’d want from a web browser.

decorative monograms

Wonderfully decorative monogram gallery, via Randa Clay, who also shares some of her designs from back in the day.

When starting a project many designers will inevitably experiment with monograms. The combining of two or more letters appears like an easy way out, and in most cases it is, but the most imaginative interpretations leave us with some appropriate and distinctive logos. A few I like:

Bing logo design

Microsoft biffs the Bing logotype, via DesignNotes.

The Brand New readers have been fairly vocal about the horizontal scaling, with 220+ comments last I checked.

Perhaps — a little like my cat allergy — search engine teams are just as reluctant to get close to graphic designers (my other half is again talking about adopting a cat after our previous attempt lasted just two months).

Does the Chrome logo spin your cogs? And has Bing outdone Google in the iconic logo department?

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June 21, 2009


To Monica.. outstanding ;)
It seamed the same voice from “masterplan”. Love to meet those guys.

About Chorme…. I prefer new Opera10 with Opera Unite any day

That’s true Nonnu, but me, personally I like Mozilla, it’s excellent for web dev…

About the links, there are a few more I found on Youtube that are great, linking from this one, regarding all sort of control issues. I’m not gona post them here (don’t want to overcrowd this post), but you can find all of them following that link. Some of them are extraordinary. And yes it seems like the same voice and similar animation :) This guys are pretty cool :D

I’m still going to post something really nice that I found digging around Youtube. Enjoy

All the best

@Tjeerd van Sas

“worse than IE6? How?”

SIMPLE! try to test a complex CSS, with forms and database behind….. bla bla bla, or an iGoogle app (live feeds, lots of graphics). Our QA was on holiday, so I did the testing. I tested on IE6, IE7, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome (don’t say that you don’t mind how it looks in other browsers). It was excellent in all but IE6 and Chrome. In IE6 was fixed, but impossible to fix in Chrome. And it wasn’t my work, it was the work of the programmers and web designers that I work with and believe me, they are f… smart :D (very good ones) So… that’s the problem with Chrome being worse than IE6 and beside this, it has same big usability problems. But… don’t hit me, it’s just my (our) personal experience. :) Everybody it’s free to use whatever it suits better the taste and needs.

PS: we are not fanatics or doomsayers for watching and posting those links, they are excellent documented and have nice graphics. It’s ones to decide what to believe and not. :) It just gives you a view from another perspective.

All the best and don’t take it personal PLS :D

I’m currently browsing this page in Chrome, and I think it’s a great browser. And btw, I too find the advert creepy!

I quite like the bing logo however because its part of Microsoft I feel the need to combat the urge to like it.

Even though the chrome ad is a little odd I quite like that as well.

I only use Google Chrome. I used to be a Firefox user, but I just love the UI of Chrome, very small and it has rid itself of the blue application window in most Windows apps.

I’ve been using Chrome since it came out. It’s way faster then IE. The speed isn’t what gets me, it’s the interface. Moving the tabs into the title bar makes the most sense to me now that I’ve been using it for so long. I do miss my toolbars though :-(

I liked Chrome, but it wouldn’t let me do certain things, such as delete “x” boxes in Facebook. Just weird, quirky things. Someone I know who works in computers told me it’s still pretty buggy. Had I not had those few issues, then I would still be using it. It is visual in orientation, which I like. For ex., when I open it, it displays mini-window screens of the Web pages I most frequent.

The logo reminds me of the top of a Simon game. Anyone remember Simon? And the video eye reminds me of “Flight of the Navigator,” the movie, for some reason.

Monograms strike me as so personal. Not corporate or business. They are used on wedding invites, towels, and sometimes shirts or cuff links. So I could see them working as logos for companies that want to add a softer, personal touch. But if their type of business didn’t match my pictures of personal, then it would seem out of place. Nonetheless I love them. Especially on pillow cases.

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