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The winners will receive round trip plane tickets to Haiti, 3 nights and 4 days and a meeting with Stephanie Villedrouin, Haiti’s Minister of Tourism.

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“Now it is time for you to vote and help us decide which logo and which slogan will reflect the best the new image we are looking for Haiti!”

Here are the top-rated submissions at the time of publishing this post.

Haiti logo contest

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Quite a difference in submissions between this approach and one where the entries are solicited from consultancies and designers — although the brief was certainly brief: “Imagine, create, compose, and draw the Haiti of your dreams!”

Remember when Zambia tried the same thing?

Via Xavier Delatour.


Some of those are nice, others are not. It seems clear that the voting was rigged or manipulated – that 2nd place one is an abomination.

Some of these seem to be probably made in microsoft paint. and would probably go well with comic sans. The most serious way to represent a country looking for more tourists… sigh.

The best ones are those that look like they were created in Corel Draw or MS Paint. Ha! I’m surprised, with so much bad press on Crowdsourcing, that these huge projects continue to take that route.

No one said it better than Saul Bass when asked what advice he has for young designers. LEARN HOW TO DRAW. Anybody could have done those hack logos.

I am against this kind of contest and as we can all see it rarely brings up good stuff.
I hope those in charge of building airplanes and ships will never bring up such a contest and let participate every person who owns at least one hand, a pen, and a piece of paper.
This competition should be stopped before it’s too late and a decent freelancer asked to do the job.

I totally agree with all of you, especially Alin.
The problem with design(ers) up and down the continent is the lack of a unifying body, to speak with one voice. Anybody can call themselves designers even without the rudimental mastery of the basic elements and principles of good design.
But then, no rules in art and design, just principles. Very good, but a loophole to the not so gifted ones. Look at architects, doctors etc., they will not practice without the nod from some body, and their integrity is tested regularly.
I know we all want to voice our opinions, and more so differently, but when it comes to the benefit of a whole community I think one unifying voice is required.
And thanks to David, I visit your sites regularly. It is quite inspiring. I wish had a lot of you in every country. You set the standards for a good blog! Well done.

Completely agree with DVM, I have no idea how that second submission has so many votes, it looks like a graph mixed with something whipped up in Paint by a school kid. A lot of them use the same ideas and in some cases crammed too many ideas into one. Although the artwork is quite good in the first image, the rest of it does not reflect the time and attention given to the flower.

The country has a lot of painters, some of them pretty good. They could do better than this. Of course logo design is very different, but these logos aren’t good.

Slightly off-topic but I think this will be of interest: a recent edition of Radio 4’s “The Bottom Line” business discussion programme featured a guest who has set up a virtual advertising and design agency where the creative input is completely obtained from crowdsourced material.

The credibility this approach is (seemingly) gaining certainly makes me feel uncomfortable.

I was so compelled to comment on this atrocious work that by the time I thought of something remotely close to describing my horror at I was witnessing I thought… what’s the point! It will just fall on the deaf ears of the blind voters….

Not even Jesus can heal the 1338 people that voted for that one on the top right!

Having been to Haiti on mission work, I would feel completely guilty going there for the sake of tourism. After dealing with government administration, I can only imagine the minister of tourism is a complete joke which completely explains the existence of this contest in the first place. Hmm, logos for third world countries… what’s next?

@tim, we are trying to move forward. Every country started or messed up somewhere, but still try to keep going to be better then they were the year before. FYI, poverty is everywhere. Some countries are just better at hiding it!

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