IBM logo in Hebrew

UnderConsideration’s latest venture — the Brand New Classroom — features “critique and opinions on student identity work” with some interesting projects already. The latest of which shows Hebrew translations of Latin logos.

The translation is by Rotem Dayan under the supervision of Oded Ezer (whose personal website is also worth a look).

Armin, the classroom’s a great idea. Good luck with it.


You could argue that ,amy of these logo’s are often so recognizable they don’t need translating (other than to keep the locals happy).

The most recognized word in the world is OK. Second is Coke.

Everyone knows Coca Cola is from the United States so it’s always baffled me when they translate the logotype into other languages (it often appears in both English and the translation in their bottles abroad, especially in the Middle East).

This post is interesting, I think it’s a good project(only) for graphic design students, but every time I see these translated logos I think it has nothing to do with the branding process of the identity created by the original designer.
I really don’t feel there’s a need to do this.
Good to see opinions about it. Thanks

Oded is a legend, have admired his many designs, artworks over the last few years. I think this example of IBM just shows how well the main identity works, no matter what you do to the form, so long as those black and white horizontal lines exist, most people will understand get the translation.

May not provide much overall use, but is a good example of how some brands transcend just basic logo recognition.


Following an email from Rotem, I’ve just updated the logo credit to:

Rotem Dayan, under the supervision of Oded Ezer.

Thanks for the comments, Lee, Mariano, Graham. I hope your days are going well.

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