Henry Wood thumb print symbol

Boss Print helped to create the wood effect for the business cards by duplexing five layers of 540gsm G F Smith Colorplan, giving a hefty card weight of 2700gsm.

Henry Wood thumb print symbol

Henry Wood thumb print symbol

The maker’s mark is laser-etched onto brass plaques and discreetly placed underneath Henry’s furniture commissions.

It got some deserved attention from D&AD, Graphis, and was a judges’ pick in the Brand New Awards.


Usually, finger print marks are a dime-a-dozen. This mark is deservedly upheld and discretely embellishes the product like a hidden gem. The texture is distinctly hand made and overall a magnificent branding example.

Great read. Thank you.

This shows that it’s not about having a totally original idea, it’s about having the right idea, expressed in a relevant and unique way.

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