Better to be gay than grumpy

HomoVino brand identity

HomoVino is a start-up winery that will help raise funds for organisations that are working for marriage equality.

HomoVino logo

“We here at HomoVino believe that institutionalized discrimination of any kind is not only wrong, but unacceptable. The struggle for marriage equality is yet another in the larger fight for equal civil rights. It is in this spirit that we proudly donate a portion of proceeds from every bottle sold to organizations that are fighting for marriage equality. Make a statement for human rights; make your wine purchase count tonight.”

HomoVino logo

HomoVino labels

The brand identity, packaging, and collateral were created by MetaDesign in San Francisco, who said this about the outcome.

“Designed to be fun and whimsical without minimizing the seriousness of the mission, the design concept uses stylized graphic elements to express a cheeky, uninhibited, and colorful attitude towards life.

“One perspective reveals a wine goblet in the center of the label, while another perspective reveals two silhouettes, reinforcing the notion of equality. The silhouettes are genderless, so one may never know if they consist of a man and a woman, two men, or two women.”

HomoVino stationery

HomoVino stationery

HomoVino logo

More info on the MetaDesign website.

HomoVino on Facebook.

11 responses

  1. A nice simple design, but the little quote cards bear a striking resemblance to the Canadian phone provider Koodo, down to font, colours and even the little line. I wonder if they had crossed paths in inspiration.

  2. I really enjoy the colors used in this brand. Especially the fact that they didn’t attempt to use the traditional rainbow color scheme. The only part that I’m not 100% about is the labels on the wine bottles, specifically the shapes of the labels. I almost think that they would be better with a simple shape, but its just my opinion.

  3. I disagree, just to be difficult. I’m kidding, but I really like the famous illusion of an hour glass that’s also 2 people, and I think the way it’s been altered to a wine glass fits perfectly.

  4. I prefer Vino Conservativo. Liberal things are just weird. You know? Just drive through a liberal community. You’ll see some strange looking folks around there.

  5. John you are so right! I like the normality i feel driving by westboro soldiers funeral pickets and kkk rallies much better.

  6. Love the colours and the arrangement on the elements but can’t help feeling that logo is a little cluttered and messy.

    The painted edge business cards look fantastic though. Bet they cost a fortune to get printed!

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