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logo board game

The logo board game. It’s all fun and games (apparently). Well, it is for the over 12s anyway—sorry kids.

LEGO logo evolution

Evolution of the LEGO logo. Such a simple product. If I was to tally the hours spent with it as a child, I reckon it’s easily triple figures.

Logo Design Love logo

Logo Design Love book available for pre-order. Time’s a pressin. Not long to go.

England commonwealth logo

Commonwealth logo in overhaul. For the English out there.

9/11 Memorial logo

The 9/11 Memorial brand identity. One of my favourite designs of the noughties.

Dr Who logo

New Doctor Who logo revealed. I’ve never been a big Doctor Who fan. I quite like the “tardis” monogram, but it’s not working so close to the type.

Wolff Olins book

The Wolff Olins Guide to Corporate Identity. One I’d love to get my hands on.

Woolworths Apple logo

Apple bites over Woolworths logo. A bit over the top from Apple’s legal team, no?


$500 logo design contest. 102 submissions. No winner. Same old.

Subaru logos

85 automotive logos. No chat. No details. Just logos.

Yale University Press logo Paul Rand

Yale University Press to ditch Paul Rand’s logo. Another one sadly bites the dust.

Hilton Worldwide logo design

Tony Spaeth reviews Hilton’s new logo.

Hilton Worldwide logo design

Punctuation-inspired logo designs. But none can match Pentagram’s Curious Pictures logo.

Google logo in LEGO

LEGO logos.

Google and LEGO have a fun and special history… The Google company founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are both avid lovers of LEGO toys, as are many of the company’s employees.

Nickelodeon logo

New Nickelodeon identity. More contemporary, with consistency across networks, but more corporate and I’m not sure about the uppercase K.

Lubalin Mother Child logo homage

Typembrya—a homage to Herb Lubalin’s Mother & Child logo.

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7 responses

  1. A good mixture of articles here, particularly the evolution of the Lego logo, of which I didn’t realise had so many previous variations or how long the current logo has been in use for. I also found the article on the 9/11 memorial logo quite in depth, raising some valid points. I’d have to agree with the author that this is a very successful logo, working on a number of levels.

    The story of Apples copyright case over the Woolworth logo seems all too familiar, and is as usual quite controversial. Personally I can see the similarities, and also an issue that’s not been raised about it being similar to apples green environment logo they now put on all packaging. It will be interesting to watch how this unfolds in the courts, especially considering viewpoint about Wooloworths going into the computing area.

  2. @Andrew seconded. That looks like a stock Photoshop bevel if I ever saw one and aesthetically it’s just obnoxious.

    I agree with you on the Doctor Who logo David. It’s a nice use of the initials, but the shape really doesn’t work with the oblong type arrangement like that. … Love the sci-fi lens flare too ;)

  3. I was surprised when I first saw it too, Andrew, Ian. The effects are cheap and unnecessary.

    Stephen, the 9/11 piece was written by Andrew Sabatier—a talented identity designer and contributor to my book. He has quite a lot of interesting opinions throughout his website.

  4. it looks like nickelodeon wants to end up using just the “nick” part. the “olodeon” looks tacked on to it (and gives the appearance of floating below the baseline, to me).

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