A project by Tommaso Guerra, described in his words.

Indifferent logos

We live in an infinite constellation of different products; infinite variations, infinite differences, infinite options.

But what’s the real value of the difference in a globalised world economy?

Multinational companies hide exploitation, politics of territory, and people, behind the objective of optimisation of resources, covering up everything with a skilled show of recognisable and distinguishing brand personality.

We know them, we recognise them, we chose them consciously and with an exact reason why.

I wonder if it could be just an illusion.

Six transparent tables impress, with laser on plexi, six logos; companies, arch enemies in their business, mix themselves in production politics, becoming one only brand that is recognizable like the two original ones.

Free from their seeming appearance of uniqueness, companies are reduced to showing their naked reality: I invite you to look at the form and ask yourself if the difference among producers is real, considering the daily absence of social responsibility.

Indifferent logos

Indifferent logos

Indifferent logos

Indifferent logos

Indifferent logos

Indifferenti, by Tommaso Guerra.

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May 7, 2012


We’ve seen this kind of project plenty of times before and the rationalization of the project is a bit airy fairy. However, what struck me forcefully this time was the over-riding power of the symbol versus the word in each combination.

Thanks for that unintentional insight!

Naughty! Bet this makes the marketing managers within these companies cringe! What’s interesting though is that each brand identity is so strong that even mixed in with a rivals we can still identify it – The Diesel / Levi’s one is a prime example of this…

This is clever. This again validates the value of great design – the geometrical part at least. I bet this can fool a lot more people if colors are added. Kudos!

The parts, logos, do not equal the sum (slavery etc.). They excite, point to, share a feeling. They offer you a choice.

Do your part. Pick one, or leave the room.

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