International Motion Awareness Awards logo sketch

International Motion Awareness Awards logo

International Motion Awareness Awards logo

A distinctive monogram designed by New York-based Mirko Ilić Corp (previously featured for design work on the Jewish Film Festival logo).

No contextual shots, unfortunately, but always nice to see a few sketches.

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August 6, 2012


I’d agree with the monochrome comment, however, the actual shape is fantastic. Perfect for animation and online applications.

I like the look of it. It really pops and works simple and clean. Though I don’t see it as an appropriate image for Motion Arts Awards. It looks and feels more geared towards the audio field if anything. On a side note, I do enjoy the addition of the sketches to go along with the finished piece.

I love it.

In regards to identity design, when it comes down to it – the timeless & fundamental rule will always remain. If your design is simple and yet relevant to your brand. It’s more likely to be remembered. This logo is a good example of that.

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