Brandemia Cervantes symbol, by Mucho

Designed by Mucho, the monogram is based on Cervantes’ iconic throat ruff.

Miguel de CervantesMiguel de Cervantes, 1547-1616

From the Mucho portfolio

“The brief asked to focus the corporate image on the figure of Cervantes, and detach it from his most famous pieces like Don Quijote, a reference which has been used in many occasions for similar identities. On top of this the symbol or logo had to be easily understood by a very big audience, and also have a great capacity for printing and reproduction under all kinds of circumstances by a big range of institutions and corporations.”

Brandemia Cervantes cards, by Mucho

Brandemia Cervantes stationery, by Mucho

Brandemia Cervantes poster, by Mucho

Brandemia Cervantes mobile, by Mucho

The Ministerio de Educación of the Spanish Government hired Mucho following a portfolio pitch. I’ve had quite a few recent requests for free work so it’s at least something to see a pitch based on existing portfolios.

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I also posted this opinion on Twitter when David published it.
I don’t like to go against the main opinion, but I like to look deeper at graphic design work here and I find it a pretty good execution, the grid is perfect but the idea a little obvious. Good but predictable.

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