Flag of SendaiSendai, Miyagi (1933)

Flag of HidaHida, Gifu

Flag of KawasakiKawasaki, Kanagawa (1925)

Flag of HiroshimaHiroshima, Hiroshima (1896)

Flag of KitamiKitami, Hokkaido (1947)

Flag of KochiKochi, Kochi (1920)

Flag of NarutoNaruto, Tokushima (1947)

From this list of Japanese municipal flags (split into regions).

A few of the designs are briefly explained over on Pink Tentacle. Biei’s symbol, for example, features the hiragana び (bi) in the shape of Mt. Tokachi.

Flag of BieiBiei, Kamikawa

Via Design Observer.


It figures that the Japanese, with their attention to style and symbolism, would design flags like these; i.e., free of unnecessary clutter. It’s also worth noting that they don’t hesitate to utilize colors such as brown, lavender, turquoise, and burgundy, that are rarely found among national, provincial and regional flags in most countries.

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