Lovely 18″x24″ poster by Orlando-based designer Jason Dean.

ABC Branding poster design

ABC Branding poster design

The logos are foil stamped and embossed, available as silver on black, or gold on cream. Notice how all 26 letters of the alphabet fit in a 5×5 grid?

ABC Branding poster design

ABC Branding poster design

The limited edition poster (500 prints of each) is being sold for $50 over at The Best Part shop, but Jason has kindly agreed to give away four posters (two of each colour) to Logo Design Love readers.

For entry into the draw all you need to do is comment with a design-related joke—winners will be drawn, notified, and listed here in a few days.

Any decent jokes will be published over on David Airey dot com, with a link back to your website, for whatever it’s worth.

Update: 16 December 2009
The four poster winners have been drawn, listed here. Thanks for all the great comments!

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December 13, 2009


Clever way of making it fit the 5×5 grid… putting V and W together with VW.

No point me entering a competition, if I got one it’d only get ruined eventually, but nicely laid out, could go well on an office wall…

Q: How many web designers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Three. One to change the structure, one to update the style, and one to blog about the inadequate bulb support offered by today’s socket manufacturers.

No doubt has an exceptional polishment, but I think that Jason Dean was inconsistent in their choices and changes in they system for presenting them in that way.

As an example, he used single letters of the original brands, like ABC, Coca-Cola, Ford, which is not provided in the oficial use from their owners. It would be amazing if we saw all brands displayed such as Texaco, McDonald’s and Honda, which are applied and displayed in public in this way.

Another issue was have used brands such as Quicktime, rather than their owner, in case, Apple.

The intelligence of the VW was phenomenal, but it is impossible not criticize the rules used for composing it a resolution so small and simple as that.

After looking at the first time, the second step is to identify the brands and their relationship on the frame.
After all, it’s all about the relationship of the parties
that make the consistency to be smart and clever in any project :)

Thank you all, I hope I have not been rude or annoying.
Regards, from Brazil.

ah, I was going to do the lightbulb joke. hmm…

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?

Logo Designer

Logo Designer, who?

That’s the problem.

(sorry, my humor is a little dry)

It’s not mine, but…

Four fonts walk into a bar.
The barman says, “Get out! We don’t want your type in here.”

The designer of the new corporate identity for Viagra® was at a tedious Monday-morning meeting with a committee full of Pfizer execs and their “designer” nephews. After presenting the first round of mockups to the group, there was – as expected – a great deal of quibbling about the placement and size of the new logo:

“Can’t you make it bigger?”

“Uh…isn’t that what the pill is for?”

I often design on spec. (ha ha)

related… Book title: A Tale of Two Serifs
First Line: It was the best of Times it was the worst of Times.

“- What is the type designer’s favorite breakfast?
– Kern flakes!”
Eheheh hilarious isn’t it?

Anyway, great poster, would love to get one

The one my design lecturer told at least once a week:

Optima walks into a bar and says “Tino sent me.” The Bartender says, “Any Palatino is a pal ’o mine!”

What does your brain do when you spill your tea?

It automatically tells you “Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z!”. When you realize it won’t work, your brain tells you “Ctrl-Alt-Z! Ctrl-Alt-Z!”

One font meets the other in Rome. He asks: “Hey, are you a roman too?” “No,” says the other, “but I’m an Italic!” :))

I love this poster, I’m a font freak..i’ll admit my fetish here and heres my chance at poster..thanks xo

1st Designer: “Wow, you always have so many fonts, where do you get them from?”

2nd Designer: “Oh they come from Monaco, Geneva, Chicago, New York… I get them delivered at various Times throughout the day…”

1st Designer: “By who?”

2nd Designer: “A Courier!”

These posters are gorgeous :)

Okay, I’m not really a master of jokes, and especially design related.. But let’s try something… comic :p

“Comic sans is best font ever!”

I’d like a poster! Here’s my entry:

Why did the typographic fish die? Because it was gill sans!

Thank you! Love this site!


Okai a new age one:

A designer’s son to one of his friends while playing:

– You know what’s the most powerful type of Pokemon out there?
– Of course, its Gara-mon !!

AWESOME posters. I might just be drooling right now…

You all are such WINGDINGS, and you really must STOP before you have an IMPACT in GEORGIA.

Ho ho ho… ;)

This isn’t so much a joke, more of a pun.

I was looking at a nicely designed poster the other day that used Helvetica Ultra Light and I realized I was thinking the same thing I always think when I look at that weight.

“She’s got really sexy i’s”

What’s it called when two type designers approach the same problem from opposite perspectives?
A difference of Filosophia’s.

What did one type designer say to the other after he erased the other’s hard drive?
Sorry, it was an Akzidenz!

A joke?


ok, pretty obvious, I know ;)

what about this one:

What kind of lettering is known to suffer from Tourettes?

Cursive :D


and What did the 8 say to the infinity symbol?


What font did the astrologist use to write the daily horoscopes?


…Sorry, I don’t have many design jokes.. amazing poster though, did something like that for a student project but obviously not so well executed..

nicely executed idea this poster, but surely a massive copyright issue?!

i’m sure when various marketing depatements get wind of it that’ll be the end of it…

grab one now whilst you got the chance!

coca cola
johnson and johnson
new york times

Anyone know L?

A font walks up to Gill Sans and asks: “do you want to go out with me?”. But Gill Sans says “no”. “Why don’t you want to go out with me?” the other font asks. Gill Sans: “Because you’re Grotesque!”

stretching the term designer here, but:

Why is it a bad thing when someone says your canvas stretching is like Lautrec?

Because it’s “too loose”, Toulouse!

What is the favorite bathroom appliance of a graphic designer?

The toilet – because you can make things flush

I am so sorry.

– Knock knock

– Who is there?

– A client.

-A client who?


yeah… I just had that with a client… aigain… :D

damn designers aren’t funny o_O this one was rather good though

“Q: How do you get a web designer off of your front porch?

A: pay for your pizza…”

I’ve tried to resist, really I have, but those posters are great so in order to stand a chance, I apologise in advance for this, somewhat pre-Mac era gag…

Q: How many typesetters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One, but be sure to specify how tight you want it.

Ok, here’s a terrible one. But I really want that poster. :)

What did the greedy graphic designer say at the font sale?
How much for Aldus?

Regardless of the terrible jokes offered here, that poster is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

Not so much a joke, but some funny home truths :)

1. You’ve almost rear-ended the car in front of you because you were analyzing a font on a billboard.

2. You get pissed when a free Photoshop brush you download is less than 1000px in size.

3. You’d rather study the paisley pattern on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s shirt than listen to what he/she has to say.

4. You can use keyboard shortcuts at light speed, blindfolded, but you can’t type a paragraph of text without staring at the keyboard.

5. You’ve had “Software Nightmares,” when you’ve been working way too much.

6. You consider meals interruptions.

7. You’ve learned your lesson and stopped using the word “final” in any file name when saving.

8. You clean your keyboard more often than you wash your car.

9. You’ve intentionally given up trying to explain your projects to non-designers.

10. You see CMYK and RGB like Neo sees the Matrix.

11. You’d rather organize your desktop than your sock drawer.

12. When you heard that Adobe was aquiring Macromedia, you had a Design Orgasm.

13. When you look at Album art all you see are grunge Photoshop Brushes. (Then you see the album art a couple minutes later)

14. You’ve Photoshopped out a watermark for a comp or mock-up.

15. You’ve actually $paid for a font.

16. You’ve totally slaughtered a great design concept because the client thinks he/she knows best. (everyone thinks they are a designer)

17. The amount of words you’ve written with a sharpie labeling burned discs total more than the amount of words you’ve read in novels.

18. You’ve had to explain to a client that a layered file wasn’t part of the deal.

19. You’ve kept a ragged concert ticket just so you could scan it.

20. You’ve nicknamed the OSX spinning wheel. (and not affectionately)spinning beachball o’ death

21. You bookmark a resource more often than you have a fun night out on the town.

22. You’ve intentionally overbid a project because you can sniff out a bad client from a mile away.

23. You can’t go to a restaurant without secretly critiquing the menu design.

24. You have an amazingly huge font collection, and an amazingly short temper.

25. If you had a penny for every mouse click, you would have been a trillionaire 3 years ago.

26. You have removed the arrows and cleaned up the fonts on a forwarded mail before forwarding on (as I have just done!)

Wow. Thanks! Never won anything before. This is so cool! Hope it means my crappy luck lately is turning around. :)

I’m keeping Michael Tracey’s post. Totally forwarding that on.

Thanks again!

Finals are done, grades are in, I just emailed all these jokes to my professors and fellow students in my classes. Such good stuff here. Poster is very interesting.

my wife got this for my birthday and i can say it is gorgeous – stunning and sadly i was able to identify EVERY letter on it… i am going to have mine framed but wanted to know if anyone else has already and do they have pics of how they framed theirs? Thanks David – still need to get your book too…

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