If there was a soundtrack, The Prodigy probably headlined.

Music for the Jilted Generation

Super Nintendo controller

Mario Kart and Super Tennis on the SNES. I always thought that four button symbol was a bit odd.

Super Mario Kart

Maxell cassette tapeMaxell cassette tape photo: Ron Kane

Tape-to-tape recording on twin cassette decks, taking great care while filling out the blank inlay card.

Opal Fruits packaging

NIR trainPhoto by Northern Ireland Railfan

Riding the buffers on NIR (Northern Ireland Railways). The monogram isn’t used anymore. Good mark, though.

USA 1994 home shirtPhoto via WaywardEffort

You’d often find me playing football (badly) until it was too dark to see. I sported the USA shirt after the 94 World Cup. Most people thought I was a Sunderland supporter.

Smiley pin badgePhoto by Alex Segre

I vividly remember failing the acid test.


Love it… the Jilted album cover still remains one of my favs — back when life was much simpler — no work, school, living at home, easy life!

David, congrats. I got my copy of your book “LOGO DESIGN LOVE”, and it becomes part of my trove of creative resources for brand identity. Keep me posted David.

The design styles of the 90s are so different from today’s. Logos used to be more simple, strong and distinctive. These days designs are so ambiguous and all look like the same.

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