“johnson banks has been in business for nearly twenty years. Like any start-up we couldn’t be too choosy about our projects for a few years, but slowly we began to do what we really wanted — large, significant and important identity and branding projects.”

The good folk at johnson banks mightn’t think too much of my humble blogging efforts but their work is some of the best I’ve seen, and I thought it worth highlighting their newly-designed website.

johnsonbanks website

“Our old website was, in its time, admired and of its time. But finally we’ve had some gaps to develop something more iPhone/iPad/iWhatevernext friendly.”

Quoted from Thought for the week.

johnsonbanks website

In particular, the Identity & Branding section is worth a visit. The iconic Shelter design (UK-based) is one of the most appropriate I’ve seen.

I believe credit is due to Matt&George for their work on the site.

Great improvement over the old Flash-based offering (Not keen on those).


July 22, 2011


I think it was unkind of Pali to say those things – I love following you, in work and on your trips! I love seeing what inspires you in everyday life and when you’re on your holidays.

Nice rise above it though :) their website does look good.

I do like the new revised site, but it feels like their world class work deserves a better platform to show it off.

There’s understated but this seems almost apologetic which is a slight shame as I hold them and their work as some of best in the design world and they’ve been very inspirational to me and many other designers.

I’m not suggesting a all signing and dancing site, but just some sort of twist or pushing of the design envelope maybe?

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