Kit HinrichsChronicle photo by Eric Luse.

“People often assume the brand is the logo or symbol — and there’s no doubt that if that’s done well, it can give you a flavor for who the company is, whether they’re contemporary or traditional, and so forth. But I really see the brand as more than that logo or mark — it’s the totality of the way in which the company talks to its public.”

Kit Hinrichs retrospectivePhoto of Kit Hinrichs’ 40-year retrospective exhibition, from Pentagram.

Luckyfish logo design

For the unaware, Kit helped design logos such as Luckyfish, CultureBus and California Academy of Sciences.

California Academy of Sciences logo design

About companies looking for digital design as opposed to print:

“Obviously a change has taken place and is continuing to take place. Now, as we get involved with brands for companies, we’re showing them how it works in print and digitally—and really, in all media, not even just limited to print or the web. Is the idea something you can make 3-dimensional, can you animate it?”

More Kit Hinrichs:

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June 15, 2009


I hadn’t seen the Lucky Fish logo before. My personal logo has a similar structure, I’m happy to see I’m thinking like one of the greats.

*pats self on back*

I’ve been considering the possibility of a 3-d or animated logo, or even something that was like a 5 second movie clip. the possibilities for more dynamic logos is quickly approaching.

Kit Hinrichs is one of the greatest graphic designers and artists of our time. Please check out his 9/11 poster –a elgeant and beautiful serigraph which commemorates the occasion with dignity, grace, and beauty.

Kit is great layout designer not sure you could really call his logo or identity work stunning or clever. it gets past the post and is very safe. Dunno if you can ever call him an artist as in drawing stuff. He’s just a designer. Time will tell as always.

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