When working on the graphics of Mexico 68, you were visited by Otl Aicher, who worked on Munich 72. Can you describe that meeting?

“There wasn’t much to it. Otl walked into our little office covered with sketches and photo prints. Peter Murdoch and I said hello to him, he looked around and said “we are farther ahead than you”, and walked out. We had 18 months to go before the Mexico Olympics opened, Otl had 18 months plus 4 years before Munich. It wasn’t a very supportive moment.”

Mexico 68 logo development

The full interview is was available on the Unit Editions website (broken link removed). And you can see a nice gallery of images from the Mexico 68 project on Graphic Ambient.

Lance Wyman: The Monograph is now available for pre-order from Unit Editions (update: no longer available, sorry). Designed by Spin, it looks unsurprisingly excellent.

Lance Wyman: The Monograph

Lance Wyman: The Monograph

Lance Wyman: The Monograph

Update: There’s a different Q&A on the Unit website for Lance’s more recent book Process (2018).


The Mexico 68 project looks exceptionally unique. I feel like something’s moving in my head while looking at the project images. The geometry and the details – vibrant, mesmerizing and absorbing!

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