The logo for graphic designer and illustrator Lisa Winstanley caught my eye.

Lisa logo

Simple. Memorable. Appropriate.

Lisa is currently studying for her MA in graphic design. Good luck, Lisa!

Via Miles.


Someone will always have the same idea somewhere, that is not a valid merit of good design, to go on a hunt to see if it’s elsewhere and then invalidate it based upon the findings of something similar.

When designing or creating, don’t let self doubt invalidate or rob you of an idea just because it’s somewhere else. Create! And create again! Nice logo btw. :)

Simple and clever, and I agree that we’re all borrowing from each other (Death of the Author and all that – but I’m not sure this one would hold up in a court of law?). It seems relevant to me if she is predominantly and illustrator – that’s the meaning I gleaned.

Nice pattern created with the logo as well. And I disagree – a pencil is actually crucial in graphic design. Yes, you can go straight to the computer for some things. But sketching is really where a lot of good ideas still begin.

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